‘The Waltons’ Star Kami Cotler Opened Up About a Potential Reunion

by Jennifer Shea
Tommaso Boddi/WireImage

The Waltons cast has had reunions before, and they likely will again, because get this: the cast members actually like each other in real life.

In interviews with two media outlets, The Waltons star Kami Cotler opened up about reunions past and future. She said the Waltons family gets along fine behind the scenes, which has made the various reunion movies that much easier to do.

“For us it’s normal,” she once told Cinephiled. “I don’t think I even realized how strange it was until we were doing one of the reunion movies when I was an adult and some of the makeup people said, ‘Wow, you guys really like each other?’ They had done reunion shows where that was definitely not the case!”

Moreover, the cast sees each other outside of reunion movies. They also get together for family events, because to them, their castmates are family, more or less, Cotler told Canada’s VisionTV in 2015.

“They are a second family,” she said. “We see each other for family events, like Bar Mitzvahs, or weddings, or funerals. Whenever we get together it’s like a family reunion.”

The Waltons Set Was Professional, Collegial from the Get-Go

The collegiality on set started early for the cast of The Waltons, with the adults setting the tone and looking out for the kids on set.

“I think that the adults, including Richard, really set a tone of professionalism and just being nice. They really liked and respected each other and that went a long way,” Cotler told Cinephiled.

As for the kids, they sometimes messed with each other, but it was all in good fun. Cotler remembers her castmates’ kidding like the camaraderie of brothers and sisters.

“We were kids, so they would tease me sometimes and make me cry!” Cotler added. “They’d get impatient because I was being a whiny baby. But we always had each other and that was a big part of why it was so much fun to do.”

Cotler Said ‘Fragmented’ Industry Lends Itself Well to a Reunion

On the subject of a future reunion, Cotler said she couldn’t predict if one would happen, but she’d be game if it did. She’d relish the opportunity to work with her old co-stars again. And after all, she suggested, with the television landscape growing ever more fragmented, there are channels that would welcome that sort of “niche programming.”

“I have no idea,” Cotler told Cinephiled of a potential reunion. “I’d definitely do it — it would be a lot of fun to work with everybody again. The industry is so fragmented now that I think you can do niche programming. I’m not sure CBS would do it, though. The first few movies were done right after we were cancelled so those had a lot more continuity. But the other ones were done much later when I was an adult. That was a good experience because it made it really clear to me that this was not the field that I wanted to be in!”

Whether a Waltons reunion is in the cards or not, the show remains beloved to generations of TV viewers, who watched it from 1972 to 1981 or later on in reruns. And that’s good enough for Cotler, who can’t believe there are now Waltons fans younger than her.