‘The Waltons’ Star Richard Thomas Finds Joy in the Holidays in One Theater Production

by Chase Thomas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, Outsiders. While for some, this is a time for relaxing and reflecting and other things of that nature, for Richard Thomas of The Waltons, he is as busy as he can be. This month, he is playing Ebenezer Scrooge in the classic play “A Christmas Carol” in Pittsburgh. Later, in 2022, the legendary actor will play the role of Atticus Finch in a play for To Kill A Mockingbird. At 70-years-old, Thomas is still as active as ever. Because of that, The Waltons star Richard Thomas finds joy in the holidays in one theater production.

Thomas told Tribune Live, “I like the trip that Scrooge takes – from his deep unhappiness, which he’s taking out on everybody else, to the recovery of his joy as a human and, in the process of doing that, understanding how you can reduce the suffering in the rest of the world. It’s just a great trip to take every night.”

It’s a trip. It’s not a simple thing for Thomas to play the role of Scrooge. You have to begin as this rather surly man and gradually find the light. As Albus Dumbledore said, you just have to know where to look is all. Thomas enjoys the process of Scrooge finding joy each night during the play. For Thomas, he gets to find it each night.

Richard Thomas on ‘The Waltons’

Thomas got his start in acting at a very young age. Similar to what happened with Ron Howard back in the day. He told K Site TV, “I started really young. One of the great things about growing up and consistently working as a child actor, if you have a nice career as a child actor, when you get these people playing your parents, you get all these fantastic people to learn from. “

Thomas was able to absorb from all the talent around him and it paid off for him in a major way down the line.

He concluded, “So that was my academy, really, growing up, because I was never trained, but the academy I was at was the academy of Barbara Bel Geddes, and Geraldine Page, and Paul Newman, and Jessica Tandy, and Joanne Woodward, and then when Pat Neal came up when they offered me The Homecoming, I was so excited, because I was a huge fan of hers, and I was so excited to work with her. ” Thomas never trained as an actor. He just worked around the brilliant folks on The Waltons. Either works, Outsiders.

He concluded, “And of course, this was the first job she did after she recovered from her stroke, so it was really inspiring to watch her work. She’s a language actor, and you can never get enough of listening to a great actor who really knows how to use the text. That was a great, not to mention that she had this wonderful quality that’s so perfect for the time and the place.”

You can watch The Waltons: Homecoming on the CW.