‘The Waltons’ Star Richard Thomas Says He’s Proud to Be Known as John Boy

by Madison Miller

Richard Thomas, or as you probably better know him as, John Boy from the wholesome series “The Waltons.”

Turns out, Thomas is more than okay with people seeing him as John Boy, despite the fact that the show was on from 1972 to 1981. While some actors resent being permanently identified as a single character, Richard Thomas is forever grateful for playing his “The Waltons” character.

Richard Thomas Proud to be in ‘The Waltons’

John Boy is far from a boy anymore. The 70-year-old actor still remains as active as ever in the entertainment world, too. His roles range from his old picture-perfect image on “The Waltons.” He can play anything from Scrooge to Atticus Finch. Most recently, he had a smaller role in the Netflix film “The Unforgivable,” alongside Sandra Bullock.

While he was on “The Waltons,” Richard Thomas won an Emmy Award for his role, which subsequently caused a good portion of the U.S. to adore him. It’s not just the Emmy that made him love being John Boy though.

“It comes to everybody who has become successful because of a particular role that they played. It’s just ( a matter of) time and persistence … If I didn’t love that show and I wasn’t deeply proud of it, that would be a real problem. But because I do love it and because it still means so much to people, I’m proud to be associated with it. So the older I get, the happier it makes me,” Richard Thomas said to TribLive.

For fans of Thomas, as John Boy, and as anything else, you can watch him perform as Scrooge with the Pittsburgh CLO. He will also be in the “To Kill a Mockingbird” Broadway tour performance.

Richard Thomas Talks Bringing Back the Show

It’s clear that Richard Thomas has no hard feelings about his time on “The Waltons” or the way in which people perceive him based on that role. This is clear, given the fact he took part in “The Waltons: A Christmas Story” being remade 50 years later.

The original “The Homecoming: A Christmas Story” was a TV movie that first aired in 1971 and launched the successful series.

Now, 50 years later, Thomas was proud he could play a small part in the movie that launched his career. “You have a sense of ownership, so when they call you and say, ‘Well, we’re doing a new one. It’s all new people,’ your first reaction is, ‘Oh, no. Time to pass it on. Too bad.’ And then you realize, be proud and happy that it’s considered a classic. I think it’s wonderful that somebody else is going to have a chance to make that part their own,” Thomas said to People.

It was a way for him to reflect on his career, now and then.