‘The Waltons’: Tom Bower Says Curt Was Killed Off After He Asked For a Raise

by Chase Thomas

One of the more iconic love stories on The Waltons was the love and eventual marriage between Judy Norton and Tom Bower’s characters on the program.

The two worked for so many audience members and so many fond memories that Tom’s character made a lot of sense for Judy’s. This was because of how he was written because Norton’s character was so difficult to be within the long-term. The two actors obviously go way back. This is why folks were thrilled to see Bower on Norton’s YouTube show this week. In it, The Waltons star Tom Bower said that Curt was killed off after he asked for a raise.

His character was killed off in the show, only to be later be brought back. Bower said, “I asked for a very small raise, so they sent me to Pearl Harbor.” This was a joking way of alluding to how the show wrote him out of the series. Fans were upset and wondered at the time why he suddenly left the program and this is what Bower revealed to be the reason why.

Norton notes she did not know about any of it until she got the scripts. However, later on, the show asked for Bower to come back and reprise his role. However, he asked for the same small raise as he tells it. The show again denied the request, so they cast his friend Scott Hylands to play the role of Curt instead.

Judy Norton on ‘The Waltons’

Norton was a natural on The Waltons right away. Like Richard Thomas, her co-star, she grew up on the program and was in it from the beginning. However, her character was quite different at the time. She told The College Crowd Digs Me, “Oh, I knew that she was a tomboy, which I was. And I knew that she was kind of cocky and outspoken which I was not so much. So it was really fun to play that character. I remember I went in wearing cutoff shorts and I was barefoot and I think I had, y’ know, like pigtails or something. I don’t remember specifically. “

The character actually worked out for her. It reminded her of herself.

She concluded, “But I remember at some point in later years, an interview was done with Earl Hamner who created the show. The characters were based on his real-life family. And at one point in the interview, he talked about that initial audition and said, in regards to me, that when I walked in the room, he just went, ‘Oh, that’s her.’ So that was kind of nice to hear.”

She was the one right away from Hamner, as Norton tells it. You can watch The Waltons: Homecoming on the CW.