‘The Waltons’: Why One Star Stopped Acting After Show Finished

by Anna Dunn
(Photo by Bobby Bank/WireImage)

The Waltons was a classic. Many of the actors on the hit show went on to pursue other projects after it ended. But one star stopped acting completely after the show finished. Elizabeth Walton actress Kami Cotler elected to leave show business behind after The Waltons finished. Elizabeth was the youngest of the Waltons meaning Kami was one of the youngest of the cast.

The 56 years old has since become an educator working as both a principal and a teacher. Her role as Elizabeth was actually one of her only major acting roles. So if you recognize her, it’s almost definitely from her time on The Waltons.

She has reprised her role as Elizabeth Walton on multiple occasions for multiple specials. The most recent time she played Elizabeth Walton was in 1997.

So why did she leave show business?

Well, the life wasn’t for her. She felt she couldn’t remain in the industry and pursue a college education. And she really wanted to pursue that education. Not to mention, she soon found out that the auditioning phase was a lot less fun than having a part. And none of the auditions she landed were for pieces she was particularly interested in.

“As I began auditioning, I realized that it wasn’t as enjoyable as working!” she said in an interview with Vision TV in 2017 “There wasn’t much time between when the show ended and I started university. But, most of the things I auditioned for were not well written and I wasn’t terribly eager to get those jobs.”

It appears that Cotler did have a good time on The Waltons and remains in touch with her former castmates. One of those castmates has a new youtube series about the show.

Judy Norton, Kami Cotler’s Former Co-Star, Has a Youtube Series on ‘The Waltons’

If you were a fan of The Waltons, the youtube series from former Mary Ellen Actress Judy Norton is tons of fun. In it, the actress discusses all things The Waltons including behind-the-scenes secrets and her own insights on the characters and stories.

For instance, In a recent episode, Norton discussed what it was like to work with guest star Marie Earle. Earle was one of the many interesting guest stars to drop by over the years and Norton had some fun insight.

“Marie was so fascinating,” Norton said in a recent episode. “I don’t think she really started acting professionally until she was nearly 80. She first appeared in season one in The Minstrel. And here she was again, in this episode.”

No matter what the cast members wound up doing after the show, almost all of them continue to gush about their time on The Waltons.