These ‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Are Ticked About Major Character Taking a Bullet

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo by John Paul Filo. ©2021 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Friday’s “Blue Bloods” episode saw Danny and Baez make a rookie mistake, leading to an escaped suspect and one of them getting shot. The episode, titled “Firewall,” focused on a cyberattack at the department that took all the computers down with it. Sloane Thompson came back to help, and there was some chemistry between her and Frank. But it was the incident with Danny and Baez that has fans talking.

When Baez and Danny went to confront their suspect, he opened fire on them. Baez was grazed by a bullet, but Danny was able to get her to the hospital in time. The thing about this is, fans had quite a lot to say.

“Baez Better Be Ok. So upset right now,” one fan commented on Instagram. Another fan worriedly wrote, “Baez is not leaving the show, is she?” It could be surmised that a gunshot would put her out of commission for a while, sparking rumors that Baez could be leaving. But that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Other fans were outraged by seemingly incongruous details. One wrote, “I have seen every episode of this show SINCE WHEN DOES A COP GET SHOT AND THE COMMISSIONER AND OTHER COPS DONT GO TO THE DAMN HOSPITAL TO CHECK ON THEM!!!!!!!!”

“Why don’t y’all wear vest!!!!! Baez better be alright,” wrote another, confused as to why Baez wasn’t wearing a Kevlar vest. That definitely would have helped her in this situation. Could “Blue Bloods” be setting Baez up to take another break? There have been times where she hasn’t been on the show; could this be another one of those times?

‘Blue Bloods’: Reagan Family Dinner Takes Interesting Turn

The Reagans recently had some interesting dinner conversations on “Blue Bloods,” and fans weighed in with their own experiences. Eddie suggests that the full moon changes people, makes them nuttier, and Danny agrees. He says he’s “worked enough midnights” to know what things get crazy on the streets. Fans on Twitter shared their own experiences with the full moon.

“I worked in an all girls high school for 10 years,” one fan commented. “I can unequivocally state that a full moon CHANGES people. The counselors, teachers, and staff could always tell one was coming. The myth is 100% factual.”

Another fan, who identified themselves as a police dispatcher, wrote, “I literally shudder when driving to work and I see a beautiful, shimmering full moon. I know my officers and I are in for a nonstop night!!”

“I’m with Danny and Eddie,” wrote another fan, “having worked many ‘full moon’ night shifts, the mood definitely changes and there’s more than a few howling at the moon.”

The commenter doesn’t specify what kind of job they do, but apparently, things get crazy there. All I know is, the Reagans, Eddie, and Baez better be careful when going out on a full moon after this conversation.