These ‘Chicago Fire’ Fans Just Had a Major Revelation About Chief Boden

by Allison Hambrick

Chicago Fire fans have a lot of favorite characters, but Chief Wallace Boden, a popular choice, has a big secret: his actor is British. That’s right, Eamonn Walker, the star of one of America’s most-watched series, isn’t American. Of course, that has no bearing on him as an actor.

Even so, Walker’s nationality surprised fans over on the Chicago Fire subreddit. Writing that the revelation, “broke” them, the original poster also added that Walker used to be a dancer. In response, several fans shared their confusion. User Awkward-Macaroon-819 posted a link to an interview where the actor uses his actual voice. Another Redditor replied: “That video caught me off guard and I was in shock the first time I heard the actors talk.”

Additionally, one user revealed the way they discovered his heritage: high school English class.

“The actor that plays Boden did some theatre work at the Shakespeare’s Globe in 2007,” they wrote. “A few years ago in A Level English Literature (think advanced classes at the end if high school) we had to watch a recording of Othello. To the surprise of my friend (who actually got me into the Chicago series) and I, Chief Boden played Othello. That was the day we found out he was born in West London.”

Walker played Othello not once, but twice. The first time was in the 2001 modern adaptation. The Chicago Fire star also starred in a traditional production at the Globe Theatre. As the user mentioned, this version was taped and released in 2007.

Walker isn’t the only Chicago Fire cast member with an accent, however. Jesse Spencer, who played Matthew Casey, is Australian. In fact, his actual voice can also be heard in the same interview as Walker’s.

Chicago Fire Resumes Production After Covid Scare

Earlier this month, Chicago Fire had to shut down filming due to several people on set testing positive for Covid. These include both Zone A and Zone B crew members, as in both those who do and do not interact with actors.

“We are testing like crazy and we would never ask actors to do anything that they don’t feel comfortable with,” said showrunner Derek Haas. “That’s been our policy for nine years. If we ever have an issue, we’ll adjust accordingly. … We’re all figuring it out together, and I do trust my cast. I can’t say enough about how great our cast and crew are. So, fingers crossed. But you know, I’m nervous.”

Because production resumed shortly after it shut down, there will likely not be a big impact on the release of the rest of this season. The next episode of Chicago Fire premieres Jan. 19 at 9 p.m. eastern.