This Is the Classic Western Ethan Wayne Encourages All Prospective Employees to Study

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Getty Images

If Ethan Wayne could recommend only one of his father’s movies to watch, he knows exactly which one he would choose and why.

You may not know much about Ethan Wayne, but there’s a good chance you know who his dad is. That would be the one and only John Wayne, or “The Duke” as so many peopled referred to him as. Wayne is considered one of the very best actors ever. He’s best known for his work in Westerns and war movies.

As you can probably imagine, Ethan Wayne has always had some pretty big boots to fill. With someone as iconic and successful as John Wayne as your dad, that may seem like an impossible task. But Ethan has never let that deter him. As a matter of fact, the youngest of John Wayne’s sons has worn many hats over his career. He’s an accomplished actor in his own right, a stuntman, musician, and he’s the current director for both the John Wayne Cancer Foundation and John Wayne Enterprises.

Speaking of the John Wayne Enterprises, Ethan said that if he had to pick one movie for applicants to study, he would choose the 1972 Western, The Cowboys. Ethan spent a lot of time with his father on the set of movies growing up and he remembers his character in the film. John Wayne played rancher William “Wil” Andersen.

“I got to hang out with him a lot,” he told Cowboys and Indians. “And now, looking back, that character that he plays in The Cowboys really reminds me of my father.”

Ethan Wayne Says ‘The Cowboys’ Best Represents His Father

The Cowboys may be Ethan Wayne’s go-to movie when it comes to describing his dad, but there are plenty of other great movies he starred in as well. So, if you are thinking about watching other John Wayne movies, we definitely recommend you do so. Just take Ethan’s advice and watch The Cowboys first.

“I’ll also tell them some other ones to watch,” Ethan continued. “But start with The Cowboys. Because I think The Cowboys really represents what I’m trying to do with the John Wayne brand now.”

Ethan Wayne feels like The Cowboys is the perfect film for young boys today to watch. It shows the true value of tough love.

“I feel like my father was an honest character in that movie. And he was really honest with those boys and was a great leader for them and a great example. And he tried to give them a foundation to build a life on — and their manhood on. Being tough, but fair. Tough, but with compassion. Tough for the good of the other person, not for the detriment of the other person. He was being tough to help them face life. And that’s one of the main reasons I think it’s a wonderful movie.”