This ‘FBI’ Rerun Last Night Absolutely Crushed in TV Ratings

by Leanne Stahulak

On Tuesday night, a rerun episode of “FBI” crushed the viewership numbers compared to all the other shows airing that same night.

“FBI” led the charge with 5.1 million viewers, followed closely by NBC’s “This Is Us” with 4.7 million, per TVLine. The outlet didn’t report the demo numbers for “FBI,” but they said that “This Is Us” led with a 0.7 rating.

In terms of viewership, “Judge Steve Harvey” on ABC followed “This Is Us” and “FBI” with 4.3 million viewers. Then “New Amsterdam” trailed with 3.4 million, followed by “Abbott Elementary” at 2.9 million and “American Auto” at 2.3 million. the rest of the night’s shows hit 2 million or lower, even dropping down to 800,000 or so.

So, What Happened in This “FBI” Rerun That Drew All These Viewers in?

The episode, which aired earlier this season, is titled “Hacktivist.” According to Celebrity Laundry, part of the synopsis reads, “Maggie, OA, and the team must stop a hacker who is disabling life-saving equipment in several New York City hospitals; Jubal’s son waits for important surgery at one of the impacted hospitals.”

It sounds like a pretty high-stakes situation, where several lives are quite literally on the line. The “FBI” team faced a decision, to find the hacker or pay the ransom money the hacker demanded. Jubal was conflicted because his son, who has cancer, needed life-saving treatment.

Eventually, the team traced the hack back to a guy named Justin Cook. However, Cook didn’t create the software virus. He just accepted $20,000 to upload the software from someone in an online chat room. The person in the chatroom ended up being a woman named Lydia Ryan. She uploaded the malware to get the FBI’s attention and force them to track down a serial killer who had killed several of her mentally ill friends.

The serial killer worked at a mental health hospital, which allowed him to target these patients. Once the team discovered he worked there, they tracked him down and cornered him. The agents had to kill the serial killer once he got ahold of one of their guns.

Ryan refused at first to take down the malware. She didn’t believe the “FBI” team actually took out the serial killer and that they just told her to trick her into taking down the virus. Eventually, Maggie convinced Ryan that they had, and she took it down. But it was too late for one child. The little girl died, which led Ryan to be charged with murder.

It’s definitely an emotionally charged, action-packed episode. So we can see why so many viewers tuned in. Make sure you check out next week’s “FBI” rerun before Season 4 resumes on Tuesday, Feb. 1.