This Former ‘Law & Order’ Star Is Game for Making Crossover Appearance

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images for AFI)

The Law & Order franchise has had its share of crossover episodes the past few years. With show producers stating there are more to come after the recent Organized Crime and SVU special, one show alum said he’s up for making a crossover appearance.

Talking to, Criminal Intent alum Vincent D’Onofrio spoke at length about the Law & Order series and spinoffs. D’Onofrio played Robert Goren for the better part of a decade and only stopped because the series ended back in 2011. Upon hearing of the upcoming Law & Order revival, he stated his enthusiasm at the idea of a crossover with his character.

“I’ve made it clear to Dick Wolf that I would come back if he wanted to do a streaming six to ten or 13 episodes, I would be totally into it,” D’Onofrio told the outlet. “To play a more mature Robert Goren would be really fun, and Warren Leight, who writes Special Victims Unit, was one of my favorite writers on Criminal Intent.”

Additionally, he talked about another writer he met on the last eight episodes of Law & Order before once again expressing a desire to reprise his role. “I think he would be great, and also Chris Brancado, who writes The Godfather of Harlem, we first met on the last eight episodes of Law & Order. Yeah, I’d like to revisit it, but that’s up to Dick Wolf. I’ve made it very clear to him that I would, so that’s up to him, I really have no say in that.”

Though incredibly intelligent and capable, Goren had his own inner demons that came out during select episodes. His sometimes volatile and unpredictable personality often got him into trouble, so a more mature Goren would indeed be interesting to see.

‘FBI’ Star Jeremy Sisto Would Love a ‘Law & Order’ Crossover, Saying it Would ‘Be Awesome’

Many primetime shows take place in the same universe, making it possible for them to cross over at some point. On that note, FBI star Jeremy Sisto loves the idea of a Law & Order crossover, saying it would “be awesome.”

While this idea sounds fun and interesting, if you’re a big Law & Order fan, you may realize an interesting possibility should it occur. Playing Jubal Valentine in FBI, Sisto also played Detective Cyrus Lupo in Law & Order. This fact seems to be the best part for Sisto, saying he wants both his characters to meet.

“That’d be awesome. I should play both [of my] characters!” Sisto excitedly stated. “That would be something…,” he continues. “I think it would be great if there was this really weird scene where Jubal was going into the restroom, and he looked up and at the next urinal it was Cyrus and we have some strange scene: ‘Hey, don’t I know you from somewhere?'”