This ‘Gold Rush’ Preview for Tomorrow Night’s Episode Is as Intense as It Gets

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Gary Gershoff/WireImage/Getty Images)

Saddle up, buckaroos, because Gold Rush is going to bring the intensity as we will see in a preview for Friday night’s episode.

Tony Beets and his team are facing a serious issue when one of their trucks is hanging off a ledge.

It’s a race to get that truck back upright and on all fours in the dirt.

Will they get it done on Gold Rush? Let’s see what happens in this clip from a new episode.

Some fans who caught this clip have pitched in their thoughts.

Fan luckylinda14 writes, “I will be watching.”

Then fan KENNETH COOK writes, “Fake af, I did all those jobs, done on purpose, for drama. If real, the driver is clearly unqualified. Every job site ever, this lawfully requires; a layoff, a demotion, training, something! You can Tune in next week to find out. I won’t.”

So, there definitely are different opinions about Gold Rush.

Catch this new episode on Friday night on the Discovery Channel.

‘Gold Rush’ Star Tony Beets Saw His Recent Sluicing Venture Go Up In Smoke

Alright, while we see Tony Beets in this Gold Rush clip, he recently had a setback on his sluicing venture.

Here’s the deal: Beets goes and sees his machine going and whirring (after several false starts). Brandon Carr explains that this will be the season’s first bucket.

They are set; the machine is not working.

Alarming noises come popping out and Beets says “shut that f—ing thing down.”

A thermostat went out and caused the engine to overheat. It’s going to be down for 2-3 more weeks. This leaves Beets frustrated.

Beets Has Had Quite Successful Career In The Gold Mining Business

Beets said he thought “this Hunker Cut might be a nice, quick, easy little cut. But right now it looks like we’re dead in the f—ing water.”

While he’s upset about what happened, Beets is committed to a big total in collecting gold.

Going for gold in some remote areas is anything but easy. What does it take? Perseverance. Beets and his team have that and Beets is dedicated to the job.

In fact, Beets left The Netherlands and moved his family to Canada. His reason? In search of gold on a full-time basis.

Beets does have a successful career in the gold mining industry. He is definitely a star in the Gold Rush lineup.

He’s reflected on his years in the industry and successes.

“Thirty-five years ago when I started here — we were getting $500 per ounce (of gold),” Beets said. “Well, right now we are getting three times a good. We have record-high gold prices, so the more material we run the better we are likely to do.”