This Intense ‘CSI: Vegas’ Teaser Will Have You on the Edge of Your Seat

by Amy Myers

If you have coulrophobia (otherwise known as the fear of clowns), you might want to sit this next CSI: Vegas episode out. The show dropped a killer clip of tonight’s episode, and it feels like we’re still in spooky season. Joshua Folsom and Allie Rajan set out to investigate a couple creepy killings at a clown-themed hotel that will send chills down your spine. Meanwhile, the rest of the team is in lockdown after Maxine Roby discovers a breach in the lab. The killer could very well be one of the CSI crime team members. Buckle up, this is about to be a wild ride.

From just this minute-long clip, we already get a grasp of the chaos to come. As Folsom announces they have a “killer with a theme,” the rest of the CSI: Vegas team has to surrender their weapons and kits to the front desk. It’s pretty clear what Roby’s thinking – right now, she can’t trust anyone.

But that’s not all. The show also released several other teaser videos that give us an even closer look at tonight’s episode. Take a peak at what Folsom and Rajan have to deal with in the clip below.

After a bit of guidance from the local officer, the crime team comes upon a female dressed in clown makeup and costume with a sewing needle and thread through her throat. According to Rajan’s initial inspection, the perpetrators made her cry before killing her, causing the tear stains on her cheek. They also redressed the victim after cutting her throat so that the presentation was nice and neat.

Anyone else expect that clown to jump up when they zoomed in on her?

‘CSI: Vegas’ Gives Look Inside Lab During Lockdown

Upon learning of the status of the lab, Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle are keeping pretty calm. Knowing there’s no sense in panicking, the two continue their work in testing the Luminol bottles. Hoping to lighten the mood, Grissom asks Sidle what she’s most afraid of – being in the same room as a killer or going to prison.

“I’ve been around plenty of murderers, but getting threatened with jail is different,” the CSI: Vegas star responded.

While we agree that Sidle certainly could rock an orange jumpsuit if she wanted to, we’re not ready to see her go. Still, this does raise the question whether the killer is someone we know in the crime lab. As the CSI: Vegas duo discusses their chances of extradition, Sidle announces that they have just found new information that would help lead them one step closer to finding the perpetrator. With the correct bottle in hand, they move to the next part of their investigation.