This ‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Scene Shows Exactly Why Fans Love Bell

by Amy Myers

The criminals of New York should seriously fear Law & Order: Organized Crime detective Ayanna Bell. Not only is she intelligent and brave, but she also exhibits a kind of patience and stealth that her partner, Elliott Stabler, tends to lack. In situations that require meticulous movement and cautious strategy, Bell is your go-to gal. She knows when to trust the process and when to change course. Because of her presence, New York is that much closer to shutting down some of the most detrimental crime rings.

Speaking of crime rings, the Law & Order: Organized Crime team is currently focusing much of its energy on taking down a sex-trafficking ring that lures unsuspecting Albanian women to the U.S. under the promise of a modeling gig. Disturbingly, one member of the operation included Congressman Howard, a known target of the Special Victims Unit. Previously, a 15-year-old victim of Howard’s came forward, charging him with rape. Now, as the plot thickens and reveals more women in danger, Detective Bell is pulling out all of the stops to get what she needs to place the ringleader, Flutura Briscu, and her men behind bars.

In a clip from Law & Order, the Organized Crime detective approaches a much more upstanding congressman in the hopes that he’ll help her efforts.

Watch the intense interaction below.

Knowing that she needed access to Briscu’s next party, Detective Bell cashed in on her favor from Congressman Killbride.

“You told me I could call on you if I needed help with anything,” the Law & Order: Organized Crime detective said. “I need to get into that party.”

‘Law & Order: Organized Crime’ Detective Makes a Promise to Congressman Killbride

Despite the department’s collective abhor of Congressman Howard, Detective Bell felt that she can trust fellow Congressman Killbride and his interest in keeping the residents of New York safe. So, she devised a plan that with Killbride’s assistance would gain intel. At first, the Congressman thought that Bell sought to threaten his career. Once he understood the Law & Order: Organized Crime detective’s motive, though, he seemed more than happy to help.

“So, why didn’t you just say that,” Killbride said, leaning forward.

If it weren’t for Detective Bell’s plan, Congressman Killbride would never have any interest in attending Briscu’s inhumane social function. However, he agreed upon the condition that his name stays out of any records that might indicate that he was ever a customer of Briscu’s. He referred to a “little black book” full of all the names of the men that attend the sex trafficking parties.

“I don’t want to end up in that book,” Killbride told the Law & Order: Organized Crime detective.

Bell assured the Congressman that with her on the inside, his career and reputation were safe.