This ‘Law & Order’ Scene Proves Benson & Bell Are an Absolute Force Together

by Lauren Boisvert

In a clip from last week’s crossover episode of Law & Order: Organized Crime, titled “The Good, the Bad, and the Lovely,” Olivia Benson and Ayanna Bell prove they’re the absolute dream team.

Benson and Bell bust into a fancy room at a secret auction to find head of the auction Edmund Ross with a gun to his head and a little black book of secrets in the fireplace.

Benson tries to reason with Ross, but he gets frantic when she notices the book in the fire. He threatens to kill himself, and Benson says, “Think about your family,” right before Bell decides to tackle Ross to the ground, wrestling the gun away from him.

And Bell does all that while wearing a floor-length, rainbow-shimmery gown. They’re a force to be reckoned with; Benson sets them up, and Bell knocks them down, sometimes literally.

Fans React to Benson and Bell Team-Up

Law & Order fans were beside themselves in the comments section of the clip on Twitter. “[I] need more of these two queens working together pls,” wrote one fan, to which the official Law & Order Twitter account responded with a gif of Benson and Bell.

“[T]he bravest ones we have,” wrote another fan. “Definitely want more Benson and Bell scenes!” another comment said.

So, it seems like there’s definitely demand for Benson and Bell to team up in the future. Is Law & Order taking notes? Are they seeing this? Could there be more crossovers in the works?

Hopefully, because how can they split up Benson and Stabler after their emotional scene in the last episode? Benson telling him that he needs to “come home” before he gets swallowed up by his undercover persona; the tension between them is palpable, they can’t just walk away now.

Moreover, how can they split up Benson and Bell after this scene? They work so well together, here’s hoping there’s more of them teaming up in the future.

Stabler Left With A Lot On His Mind After Latest Episode

In a 4-minute clip from episode 5, the Law & Order Twitter reminded us just how deep Elliott Stabler is getting. In the clip, he comes home to find Olivia Benson in his apartment, who, along with his mother, badgers him about the cut on his head.

When Benson goes to find the hydrogen peroxide, she instead finds that Eli, Stabler’s son, has stolen his grandmother’s bipolar medication. Now Stabler not only has to worry about his undercover assignment and possibly getting found out, but now his son is stealing and selling pills.

Benson tells Stabler that she agrees with his mother, that she wants him to “come home before it’s too late.” She can see that his undercover work is slowly consuming him, and it might soon get out of hand. The two share intense eye contact that, with any normal romantic couple, would end in a kiss.

But, Benson and Stabler are no ordinary romance. Benson leaves Stabler’s house, and he’s left with a lot to think over for this week’s Law & Order episode.