This Might Be the Most Emotional ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Scene of the Entire Series

by Jonathan Howard

The stakes look like they are rising on NCIS: Los Angeles. While tonight will not feature a new episode, next week is sure to bring fireworks. In a clip, Marty Deeks looks…rough as he answers the investigator’s questions about Laura Song.

Sitting in a dark room, disheveled and distant, Deeks doesn’t look great in this clip from the last episode. The show’s official Instagram page shared the almost two-minute-long video showing the situation Deeks and wife Kensi find themselves in. As he speaks with a man in a suit from the office of the Inspector General, the agent calmly explains the situation he is in. Give it a look below.

“Yeah…As you may already know based on your fancy file you have in front of you,” Deeks says almost at a mumble. “Agent Blye and I are trying to adopt a child. As hopeful parents and law enforcement officers, getting killed in the line of duty has obviously crossed our minds once or twice. And I fully recognize everyone deals with trauma differently. But if Kensi…if Kensi um, died…I just can’t imagine remaining operational with an 11-year-old. And yet, that’s exactly what Laura Song chose to do…So I just thought that information should be relayed to Sam.”

The video seems to snap back to the present moment at hand which shows Deeks, Blye, and Lily Song in a safe house. Laura Song was shot and killed by Kilbride. So, there is an investigation as to why it happened.

NCIS: Los Angeles is going to be back next week. Since there is a break this week, fans will be extra eager to watch on Nov. 21.

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Taking a One Week Break

Tonight, fans will not see a new episode of NCIS: Los Angeles. While that is a bit disappointing, the suspense will make next week’s episode even better. Instead, this week, CBS is putting on a special musical event. CBS Presents ADELE ONE NIGHT ONLY tonight during the primetime slot.

There is going to be so much great stuff going on with the Adele event. This includes new music for the first time in six years, an exclusive interview with Oprah, and more. Fans will get to see the singer answer questions about her music, her album, divorce, and life in general.

We know, NCIS: Los Angeles fans would rather see what Deeks is going to do next. However, they will have to wait just a little bit longer. We do know that Sundown is going to be explosive. There’s a bus, an undercover assignment, and more action coming next week.