‘Three’s Company’ Star Joyce DeWitt Decided Fame Wasn’t For Her

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Paul Zimmerman/WireImage

Joyce DeWitt soared to fame after taking on the role of Janet Wood on the popular sitcom series “Three’s Company.” She played what could be described as the intelligent, reliable, and somewhat less spontaneous character on the show.

While she may have been extremely popular on “Three’s Company,” Joyce DeWitt decided that TV fame may just not be for her. She starred in the classic series alongside John Ritter and Suzanne Somers.

After her stint on “Three’s Company” ended in 1984, Joyce DeWitt really didn’t take on very many movie or TV roles. She did decide about a decade later to appear in a couple of episodes of “Cybill and Hope Island” as well as a few movie roles.

Instead of more high-profile movie and TV roles, DeWitt discovered a love for theater. Last year she was in a Waffle House-themed musical called “Scattered, Smothered, & Covered Christmas.”

Due to the pandemic, this play was shown virtually instead right around Christmas time.

Months Turns to Years for DeWitt’s Break

Although DeWitt tends to speak positively regarding her fame and experience from “Three’s Company,” she really decided the high-profile fame wasn’t for her. This is why she has that massive 12-year gap between “Three’s Company” and her continued presence in mostly the theater world.

“I was going to take six months off just to chill out. I saw Hollywood and the way it behaved and it was not a moral code that was natural to me. If this was the way the game was played I wasn’t sure I wanted to play it. I took some time off and started meeting and studying with different spiritual teachers around the world. I thought it would be six months not 12 years,” DeWitt said to Gay Calgary in 2009.

The movie and TV industry seemed to have an extra layer of added stress. Over a decade later and she learned to make peace with people getting involved in her life.

Back in 2012 on the show “Suzanne Somers Breaking Through,” Somers and DeWitt talked about the intense fame.

“I’ve often said to friends, when the press would come into the room, John would be hysterical, you would graciously hold court, and I would hide,” DeWitt said while on the show.

Reconciliation Between ‘Three’s Company’ Stars

While the sitcom was on, Suzanne Somers realized just how popular she was becoming from starring in the series. As a result, she decided to ask for a pay raise once her contract was up for renewal.

Instead of giving her a pay raise, the network just didn’t renew her contract. There was a huge falling out and Somers didn’t speak to her fellow co-stars Ritter and DeWitt for decades.

After about 30 years, Somers and DeWitt met up on Somer’s talk show to really make up for lost time. It seemed like both women liked the opportunity. When DeWitt first walked out she says to Somers, “Thank you for creating this opportunity, babe.”

By the end, Somers told her former co-star to “come and knock on my door again.”