‘Three’s Company’ Star Suzanne Somers Became Best Friends With One ‘Dallas’ Star

by Madison Miller

We know Patrick Duffy most for his role in “Dallas” from 1978 to 1991. While this drama series was extremely popular, Duffy would take on a very different role right after. He tried his hand at comedy when he starred in the sitcom “Step by Step” for seven seasons. His on-screen wife and co-star on the show was Suzanne Somers, who is most known for starring in “Three’s Company.”

‘Dallas’ and ‘Three’s Company’ Stars Fast Friends

As it turns out, they seemed to have a pretty good time filming the show together.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Duffy said, “Suzanne became my Larry, best friends on the first day.” He went on to say that the idea of rebooting “Step by Step” has been discussed in the past.

Although they were fast friends on the show, Somers was a bit skeptical of being on the show with Duffy. This was his first comedy role and she wasn’t even aware that he could be funny at all. Clearly, he ended up surprising her, and even himself a little bit.

Fans of that classic sitcom would be happy to know that Somers and Duffy still keep in touch and will always be friends.

“We will always be dear friends. I usually get in touch with him on his birthday — he was born on St. Patrick’s Day, so it’s really easy to remember! We always have a virtual drink together,” Sommers said, according to Yahoo.

Romantically, Duffy and Sommers have each found love since starring in the sitcom. Sommers is still married to Alan Hammel. They first got married in 1977. Patrick Duffy was married to his wife Carlyn, but she sadly passed away in 2017.

In 2020, Duffy met actress Linda Purl, who was most known for her appearance in the series “Happy Days.” They fell in love, despite being a long-distance couple at first.

“It’s a do-again because the first one was perfect and this one is also perfect. We get a do-again, but we’re not teenagers so we kind of enter it knowing what’s expected and what to give and to respect each other’s history and individualism. It’s worked out, I can’t tell you how happy I am,” Duffy said to Page Six.

Somers Career Since Early Acting

Suzanne Somers has had a pretty expansive career. She went from her somewhat ditsy Krissy Snow on “Three’s Company” to a strong-willed mom and wife on “Step by Step.”

She was fired from “Three’s Company” when, according to InStyle, she asked to get paid commensurate with the men on the show. After that entire fiasco, Somers kept up acting. She had roles in “Hollywood Wives,” “Rich Men, Single Women,” and “Keeping Secrets.”

Besides acting, she has become known in the health and fitness world. She is known for “Thigh Master” and is also a bestselling author. She’s written 28 books over the years.