‘Three’s Company’ Star Suzanne Somers Pulls a Fast One on Her Real Estate Reality Show

by Matthew Memrick

When “Three’s Company” star Suzanne Somers and her husband sold their $8.5 million California estate in May, their agent may have lost out on a potential score.

Decider got a hold of a preview clip for Thursday’s Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles show, and fans saw Somers, 74, and 84-year-old husband, Alan Hamel, talking with agent Josh Flagg on Zoom.

The agent learns that the couple negotiated with a previous house suitor during the conversation, and the deal went through without Flagg. And because the 73-acre Palm Springs house sold for its listed price, Flagg missed out on nearly a quarter of a million-dollar commission.

Ooh, and Bravo got some good angles on Flagg’s face when he heard the news.

Agent Left Out in Somers Deal?

Oh, the drama for young Josh Flagg! The 35-year-old said he worked hard to get the couple’s house sold, and by the video’s end, we could see he was none all to please with their decision.

But Suzanne Somers opened the video by saying they loved him? You know that Flagg’s getting something, just not that $212,500 commission. Later the confusion and then anger set in for the young agent.

In his show interview, Flagg said, “It’s frustrating to ask to withdraw your commission when you know you’ve put in a lot of work. Now granted, they found the buyer, but that doesn’t change the amount of work I put into it. No, that’s not gonna fly.”

What Happened In The Sale?

Flagg gets a video call from the couple, and they ease their way into the bad news. Flagg talks while his friends, Tracy Tutor and Josh Altman, listen in the background from the kitchen about the deal. Earlier, the show caught the agent walking around the property and even admiring the outdoor bathtub.

A previous possible buyer got in touch with the couple, and they steamed ahead with the 7-bedroom, 10-bathroom house sale. The new owner, who took ownership in October, bought the estate at the total asking price.

The couple tells Flagg the news, and he thinks he was involved in the deal, too. Nope. Hamel tells Flagg the agreement is in escrow, and it’s a full-price offer. So no money to Josh, or so we think. Suzanne Somers is reportedly worth $100 million, so we’ll see if Josh walks away empty-handed or not. 

Bravo will reveal the cliffhanger ending in Thursday’s show. Bravo will broadcast it at 8 p.m. Eastern. 

Suzanne Somers’ House Has A History

According to the New York Post, the couple earlier listed the house for sale at $14.5 in January 2018. But the real estate company could not find a buyer then. There was even a “no reserve” part of the auction, meaning there was no minimum price it could sell for, and its sale happens no matter what.

How bad is the real estate market in Palm Springs? Well, a previous market sale “about a decade ago” had the house up for $27.5 million, according to Architectural Digest

Reportedly, the couple owned the house for 40 years.