‘Three’s Company’ Star Suzanne Somers Reveals She’s Made $300M From ThighMaster Sales

by Victoria Santiago

Suzanne Somers’ ThighMaster sales have earned her some serious coin. That’s right, Outsiders. Three’s Company isn’t her only claim to fame.

Somers, 75, has made a sizable chunk of change since she began selling the exercise tool in the early 1990s. In fact, she recently shared that ThighMaster sales have brought her almost $300 million in income.

She says that the ThighMaster only cost $19.95. As of now, about 15 million copies of the exercise tool have been sold.

Suzanne Somers’ ThighMaster Sales Worked Out In Her Favor

She didn’t invent the ThighMaster, of course. It was invented by Anne Marie Bennstrom and then marketed by Josh Reynolds. Suzanne Somers’ ThighMaster sales come purely from her selling it on TV.

Somers owns the company now, though, which has only worked in her favor. “We had partners, 50/50, and they got drunk on money when all started selling and they overspent to the point where they could no longer afford to be in their side of the business,” she said. “So we bought them out and we have 100 percent.”

Suzanne Somers was a perfect choice for selling the ThighMaster, thanks to her already-established career as an actress. She even helped the product become a household name.

Somers Still Stays Fit, Mostly Through Healthy Eating

The Three’s Company star still looks great today. When asked how she manages to keep in shape, she says that she only eats organic and always uses fresh herbs. Heck, she could probably market stuff like that on TV, too.

She stays away from anything that might have been chemically treated and says that clean eating is the natural solution to keeping healthy. According to her, “Bringing these antioxidants into your food helps eliminate free radicals.”

Whatever she’s doing, it’s working. The ThighMaster queen is aging gracefully.

Part of her lifestyle switch is due to a breast cancer diagnosis that she received in her fifties, according to Daily Mail. After that happened, she turned to clean eating. Since then, the actress says that she’s really “embraced” her health. “I have never enjoyed life more,” she shared.

Of course, clean eating and staying healthy takes work. But Suzanne Somers wouldn’t trade this process for anything. Not only does she feel better, but it shows. She likes the way she looks, the way she feels, and the things she learns from clean eating.

When many celebrities start to get older, they try to cling to that little bit of youth. Not Somers, though. She looks forward to getting older.

“I can tell you that aging can be so incredible if you know how to approach it,” the ThighMaster queen says. “Aging is amazing. Aging is something you should aspire to and look forward to and want.”