‘Three’s Company’ Star Suzanne Somers Meets Up with Daughter-in-Law to Make ‘Baked Apples’

by Samantha Whidden

On Tuesday (November 17th) Three’s Company star Suzanne Somers took to Instagram to share a snapshot of her making baked apples with her daughter-in-law, Caroline. 

In the sweet post, the Three’s Company beauty shared that she has always loved making baked apples in the fall. She noticed that her daughter-in-law was making baked apples on her Instagram with the addition of Jack Daniel’s Whiskey and wanted to give it a try. 

“Wow, they are amazing! These are a great choice for those who are allergic to gluten and eggs,” the actress declared. She also offered an alternative for her dairy-free fans. “You can use Vegan butter and vegan ice cream. Delicious!!!”

The Three’s Company star also offered up the recipe to her followers. “These baked apples bring all the flavors of fall into one spectacular dish, with warm brown sugar cinnamon infused with Jack Daniels for a sweet caramel sensation that will knock your socks off!”

Suzanne Somers recently celebrated her 75th birthday! The actress began her career in the 1960s. She met her husband Alan Hamel on the Anniversary Game, where she was a prize model. Along with Three’s Company, Somers starred on She’s the Sheriff, Step By Step, and Starsky and Hutch TV series

Suzanne Somer’s Opens Up About Her Departure From ‘Three’s Company’

During a recent interview, Suzanne Somers shared details about being Chrissy Snow on the hit series Three’s Company. “I am really proud of creating that dumb blonde,” Somers declared. “Cause she had a moral code. She was lovable.”

Although she enjoyed her time on the Three’s Company set, ABC allegedly fired her when she asked for more money. “All the men were being paid 10 to 15 times more than me. So my contract was up, I renegotiated, and I was fired for asking, essentially.”

Somers also said that in order to collect her Three’s Company paycheck during the fifth season, she had to make an occasional appearance on the show. “They used me to be able to perpetuate the fact that Suzanne Somers was still on the show while they were trying out other girls.”

The actress then stated she doesn’t know how much money ABC lost when the network broke up the famous Three’s Company chemistry, but she suspects it was in the billions. “I hear it all the time to this day. ‘I never watched again when you weren’t there.’”

Somers was eventually replaced by Jenilee Harrison, who played Chrissy’s clumsy cousin Cindy Snow on the show. Although it wasn’t the best outcome, Somers said she had a little help from her husband Hamel. “He said, ‘We’re going to make this work for us or only go to work for ourselves going forward.’ And so that’s pretty much how we became the entrepreneurs that we are.”