‘Three’s Company’ Star Suzanne Somers Shares Photos from 75th Birthday: ‘Best Family Ever’

by Joe Rutland

Three’s Company star Suzanne Somers recently turned 75 years old and the one-time Chrissy Snow showed off some pictures.

Somers has been a talk-show host, Las Vegas performer, and TV star through her more-than-40-year show business career. In fact, Somers also found her way into the home fitness video boom in its heyday.

Yet she just turned 75 and here are some pictures thanks to her Instagram account.

There are four pictures among the ones that the Three’s Company star shared with the world.

She writes, “My family threw me the most wonderful party for my birthday 🎂AMAZING food lovingly prepared by Caroline, our kids and grandkids and I had the laugh of my lifetime when they all popped out with blonde bangs thanks to our daughter Leslie! BEST NIGHT EVER! BEST FAMILY EVER!! Thank you @brucesomersjr @carolinesomers @cameliasomers @violetsomers @little_boy_daisy @hamelwood @therealalanhamel“.

Somers has been married to Alan Hamel since 1977. That’s not a misprint, Outsiders.

Her birthday was on Oct. 16.

Besides Somers, Three’s Company also starred the late John Ritter and JoyceDeWitt. As you may remember, Somers was fired from the show in a salary dispute.

‘Three’s Company’ Actress Talked About Entertaining American Troops

Shortly after leaving the ABC sitcom, Suzanne Somers found herself performing before an audience of American troops.

How did she enjoy this event? The Three’s Company star talks about it with Fox News.

Somers said her blue-collar parents and relatives reinforced this idea of hard work with their work. It’s why she was honored when the USO asked her to help entertain American troops stationed overseas.

She told Fox News that she comes from cops, firemen, and wardens.

“Growing up, I realized that serving your country is one of the most fulfilling things in life,” Somers said. “And I did it by doing TV specials on the USS Ranger Aircraft Carrier and another in Germany at Ramstein Air Force Base.

Somers Definitely Understands About Having Career Highs, Lows In Her Life

“I also took our sexy tap dancers to military bases in Germany and in Korea….,” she said.

One thing about Somers’ career is that she has reinvented herself over and over again.

She has learned from failure as she acknowledges in a 2019 interview with Closer Weekly. But the confident actress says she’s recovered from every tumble.

Somers said that she gets that thre are highs and lows in careers.

“And you don’t learn anything when you’re high,” she said. “You learn when you’re low. That’s when you have time to sit back and think and realize that when you hit the top of the mountain, there’s nowhere to go further up.”