‘Three’s Company’: What Happened to Jenilee Harrison After the Show Ended?

by Madison Miller
Photo by: SGranitz/WireImage

“Three’s Company” was good TV company for countless viewers at home. The show was on for eight seasons before eventually getting canceled.

The show originally starred Joyce DeWitt, John Ritter, and Suzanne Somers as a group of roommates in Santa Monica. In 1980, however, Somers was replaced by Jenilee Harrison. Somers was actually fired by ABC after she asked for a more fair salary that would be comparable to her fellow co-stars.

Jenilee Harrison played Chrissy Snow’s cousin, Cindy Snow. It was quite the move to make the replacement. Harrison’s character was still well-liked though. She was funny in a slapstick kind of way and had far-too-many klutzy habits.

She was cast as the copycat of Somers’ character, which is perhaps why she didn’t get to stick along for long.

Jenilee Harrison After ‘Three’s Company’

As it turns out, the network didn’t want to keep Jenilee Harrison for very long either. During season six, her character announced she was moving out in order to go to school at UCLA.

After that, Priscilla Barnes was cast as the new roommate, a nurse named Terri Alden. Following her role as Cindy Snow, what did Harrison do?

After she left “Three’s Company” in 1982, she appeared in a very popular comedy series, “Dallas.” Here she got the opportunity to play Jamie Ewing. She played a recurring character from 1984 to 1986. She appeared in a total of 70 different episodes.

After that, Harrison didn’t really have very many notable roles. She appeared in different infomercials and smaller roles during the ’80s and ’90s. Her very last acting credit, according to IMDb, was in the movie “The Power” from 2002.

After that, Harrison completely changed her career goals.

According to The Los Angeles Times, she has instead been focusing on different real estate investments that she has in California. She shares them with her husband of over three decades, Bruce Oppenheim. The two purchased a stunning ranch in Agoura Hills and another property in Sherman Oaks back in 2003.

The former “Three’s Company” actor has found new hobbies and passions besides acting. She likes to spend time with animals and also races cars. It’s unclear why she decided to step away from her acting career. Meanwhile, it does seem as though she keeps in contact with some of her former actor friends. That includes Richard Kline, who played Larry Dallas on “Three’s Company.”

Photo Shoot on Classic Sitcom

As it turns out, a lot of the tension from “Three’s Company” boiled over after the cast did a magazine photoshoot.

In an interview with Closer Weekly, author Chris Mann spoke about how this tension would change the face of the sitcom for good.

“Suzanne had her own photo shoot before or after the shoot of the trio, which John and Joyce were very uncomfortable with, having Suzanne being featured. She had other shots of her in front of the pink or blue screen in a nightie. Apparently, one of those shots was super-imposed over the image that Newsweek had of the three of them, and that created a lot of tension behind the scenes. It also further conflicted Joyce about doing publicity, because she felt lied to,” Mann said.

Somers was fired not long after.