‘Tiger King’ Star Joe Exotic Starts GoFundMe to Pay Back Carole Baskin

by Amanda Glover

Alright, Tiger King fans. Looks like Joe Exotic is asking the public for money to help him pay back Carole Baskin. Or, as Joe prefers to call her: “that @$&#! Carole Baskin.” Any takers?

The television host set up a GoFundMe to ask for a whopping $500,000 to pay back his arch-nemesis, Carole Baskin. The page is under his lawyer’s name, John M. Phillips. According to new legal documents obtained by TMZ, a judge sanctioned Joe and ordered him to pay Carole almost $10,000 from a disagreement over the Oklahoma zoo he used to own. So. . . . .how does $500,000 come out of $10,000?

Oh wait, there’s more! Joe is claiming he also owes $1 million to Baskin’s Big Cat Rescue from her trademark infringement lawsuit.

The Tiger King star made a plea on the GofundMe page: “I will walk out of prison with my clothes on my back, a $1 million judgment, and no home or clothes. My health is deteriorating and prison has not been kind. Simply put, I cannot get a fresh start until I pay @$&#!%! Carole Baskin back.” It’s a bit longer than that.

At the end of Joe’s page is a bolded paragraph also claiming that once his debts are paid off and restored all his possessions, he’s like to “give to a charity like Operation Smile or some true tiger conservation efforts.”

TMZ was also informed that Joe even appealed to honchos at GoFundMe to get the page approved. His lawyer is quite angry at Baskin himself. He claims it’s “outrageous” that Carole is running up legal fees “against a man with cancer and no assets.”

Tiger King star Joe Exotic’s Cancer Battle

Joe is currently serving a 22-year federal prison sentence in Texas for violating wildlife laws and conspiring to murder Carole Baskin. Apparently, his prostate cancer has returned and he wished the courts will let him get treated at home.

In May 2021, Joe revealed his diagnosis and the fact that he was struggling to find the necessary treatment in jail. Although he worried his illness had spread to his pelvis, he revealed his doctors had it under control.

In early November, the reality TV star announced via Instagram his illness has returned. Included in the post was an image of Joe holding a baby tiger.

He also claims that Carole will “have a party over this.” He also informed followers that he does not wish to be pitied.

What I need is the world to be my voice to be released. They have the proof I DID NOT DO THIS! And there is no reason for the district attorney to drag this out, so I can go home and get treatment on my own or enjoy what life I have left with my loved ones! Say a prayer everyone & be my voice.”