‘Tiger King’ Star Masha Diduk Charged With Stealing $5000 Candelabra

by Kati Michelle

In an ongoing trend, the “Tiger King” franchise continues to field more lawsuits. We’ve already seen Jeff Lowe lose the privilege of exhibiting any more animals after a judge ordered a lifetime ban around Christmas. Then there was that whole copyright debacle with the producers of the show getting sued for their use of certain “Ace Ventura” clips without permission. Oh yeah, and remember Joe Exotic? He recently asked the public to help him with a half-million-dollar bill…

Now, Masha Diduk finds herself in some hot water. The TV personality was reportedly charged with stealing a candelabra from a Vegas nightclub valued at upwards of $5000. Video footage obtained by TMZ in July appeared to confirm the nabbing, showing Diduk wearing the candelabra in question as an accessory.

Other Evidence Against the ‘Tiger King’ Star

Following the discovery of the missing candelabra, officials reportedly pieced together several key pieces of evidence against the “Tiger King” star. First, security got her name from a valet parking ticket. This also led them to discover her license plate number. Then, some internet sleuthing led to the discovery of her social media accounts.

Masha Diduk posted several snaps of her night in Vegas, including a photo containing one of the establishment’s signature drinks. By matching her photo to the security footage, the star could not plead a viable alibi. Wynn Security then detained Diduk, and officials arrested her for charges of Grand Larceny.

Here’s the post in question:

You can probably imagine what some of the comments on the “Tiger King” personality’s post look like.

Here’s just one example: “Ballsy move with the candelabra! That takes brass!”

How She Joined the Franchise

The story goes that Masha Diduk met Jeff Lowe and his wife (Lauren) while working in Vegas. She had been living in the area and working as a model at the time. Eventually, she became a part-time nanny for the “Tiger King” pair.

Little else has been released regarding her charges at this time. She has also yet to make any comments regarding the matter. That being said, Diduk appears unbothered and continues to post across her social media channels.

Most recently, she posted a photo with the caption: “Not everything has to make sense 😇 let it go & choose peace.” She also updated her Instagram Story posting several more snaps of herself enjoying the nightlife with friends.

Like Joe Exotic, it appears that Diduk is looking for new lucrative business ventures. Currently, the model is selling some of her clothes, including a risque dress which she is asking $100 for.

The moral of the story here, folks, is that what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas.