Tim Allen Celebrates the New Year With Beautiful Views

by Maggie Schneider

Comedian Tim Allen is sharing with his Twitter followers his view on New Year’s Day. It makes us want to go to the beach.

It is nice to celebrate the New Year in a new place. Whether it’s in the mountains or by the beach, a change in scenery is a nice way to feel refreshed. Tim Allen is doing just this. The comedian is sharing a beautiful ocean view with his fans on Twitter.

The image is accompanied by an inspiring caption.

“That shimmer said something to me. It was the beginning of the sun breaking through the clouds. And somehow translated to Happy New Year. So be it,” Allen writes.

Fans are wishing the star a Happy New Year with their own pictures. Beautiful sunsets, sunrises, and snowy trees can be found in the Twitter thread.

“When my wife and I see the sunshine breaking through the clouds to where you can see the beams of light…we call it God’s Light” one fan writes.

“You are a legend that stands the test of time! Cheers! Happy New year!!” another says.

We hope you are feeling just as calm and inspired as Allen is at the start of 2022.

Tim Allen’s Upcoming Comedy Gig

The “Last Man Standing” star is going back to his roots. Tim Allen recently announced his return to standup comedy on March 4, 2022. The show is taking place at the Stifle Theatre in St. Louis for a one-night only event.

Tickets are on sale now for those interested in attending. Prices start at $46, which is a pretty good deal! Attendees must be 18 years old and over to go to the event. This makes us wonder what kind of jokes Tim Allen will be bringing to this routine.

Tim Allen is known for his standup comedy career. He spent years touring the country with his act. Because of this, he turned down ABC’s first two attempts at signing him for a sitcom deal.

“I had a career touring. I was making great money and doing what I loved, so I didn’t need the gig,” Allen said to PBS. “And when Jeffrey Katzenberg called, he said, we want to offer you this. I said, well, I don’t think so.”

It is nice to see the star returning to the stage. With uncertainty as to whether or not “Last Man Standing” will ever return, fans are hoping Allen takes his routine on the road again. His performance in St. Louis gives us hope for more future shows.

Grab your tickets before they’re gone now.