Tim Allen ‘Finds’ His Family During Trip To Disneyland

by Chase Thomas

It’s the Christmas season, Outsiders, and Tim Allen is doing it right. Yes, the star of the hit movie, The Santa Clause and Toy Story, is getting into the holiday spirit at a familiar destination. Tim Allen found his family during a trip this week to Disneyland.

Allen tweeted, Found my family here at Disneyland. Mad because I didn’t buy them churros.”

No churros for the family, but it looks like the Allen family had a great time at Disneyland.

Tim Allen on ‘The Santa Clause’

The Santa Clause was a big hit movie in the 1990s. Multiple films were made after the original’s success. We all have our favorite moments from the original film, but Allen revealed on The Tonight Show something rather wild about how the movie was originally going to go.

Allen said, “The original Santa Clause is a little darker, written by two comedians. I actually shot and killed Santa, in the original movie.” Obviously, this was not ultimately what happened in the beginning of the final version of the film. Still, it’s rather unbelievable this was almost a possibility.

He continued, “And he fell off the roof, because I thought he was a burglar. He gives me the card and the whole movie starts. And the kid goes, ‘You just killed Santa.’ And I said, ‘He shouldn’t have been on the roof when he wasn’t invited.’” This would have been a rather dark way of kicking off a Disney movie to be sure, so it is not surprise to see that this choice did not come to fruition and the writers went a different way.

Allen continued, “I’m laughing so hard, but the head of Disney at the time, [Jeffrey Katzenberg], said, ‘Well, we can’t start a movie like that.’ I said, ‘Why not?’ He said, ‘Well, we can’t start a Disney movie with you murdering Santa Claus.” He goes onto say, “I said, ‘I’m a comedian. Why not? That’s funny. You killed all the parents in your other movies anyway.’ Don’t they? They do that. I’m a comedian!”

So Allen did seemingly want to roll with the original idea, but it did not work out or come to pass as we all saw in the final version.

What His Kids Thought of The Movie

Did Tim Allen’s kids like the movie that his dad starred in? Allen said, “I tried to warn her, ‘We’re going to see this movie, but I want you to know it’s a movie. Your dad plays characters. We did have permission from the real Santa to go to the North Pole and take pictures.’ She sees the movie, gets in my lap and she’s all over it—crying because I had to leave the boy, Charlie, to go back to the North Pole. Then I had to explain to her, ‘Now I don’t want you going to school and telling your classmates your dad is Santa Claus because he’s an actor!’”

Tim Allen starred in The Santa Clause in 1994.