Tim Allen’s Latest Photo Has Us Pumped for the ‘Santa Clause’ Series

by Allison Hambrick

Actor Tim Allen teased fans about the recently-announced television series that will pick up where The Santa Clause left off.

“So here we go again…HoHoHo!” tweeted Allen, alongside a picture of himself in character. Recently, Tim Allen partnered with Disney+ to bring back his fan favorite character, Scott Calvin. He portrayed Calvin in three films: The Santa Clause, The Santa Clause 2 and The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause.

The first film followed Calvin as he accidentally became Santa Claus, then the sequels see him struggling to keep the job. Now, Allen is returning to the role after fifteen years in a television series. Titled The Last Clause, the show also hired Last Man Standing showrunner Jack Burditt. Little else has been revealed about the series, but there are a few known plot details.

The series will follow Calvin as he nears 65. As a result, he wants to find a replacement for himself as Santa Claus. Meanwhile, he also will prepare his family to move back to the real world. As a result, it is likely that audiences will see a few familiar faces who played his relatives.

Tim Allen Talks the Importance of Story in Sitcoms

Additionally, Allen opened up about his beliefs regarding good television. According to Allen, the key part of a situation comedy is the situation.

“I fight this because it seems so obvious,” said Allen in an interview. “It’s called a situation comedy. It’s not a comedy situation, so it can’t be bit to bit to bit. Now to reference, Tina Fey, or 30 Rock. That appears to be a comedy situation. It’s vignette after vignette after vignette. The story is there. Community sometimes is the same way.”

“I struggle with this because I am not making a judgment either way,” he continued. “I prefer a story–I’ll make it funny. That’s what I do. I’m constantly having this conversation. They go ‘well, here’s the bits we got.’ Then we structure reality to fit a bit, and it’s a very subtle difference. Let’s get the situation right. Eve wants to join the ROTC. That’s not funny. We’ll make it funny. You’re comedy writers. My staff is very funny. Trust that you’ll find the joke. Believe me, we’ll find the joke. We’ve got comics on staff. I’m a comic. We’ll find the joke. I’ll go to funerals and laugh. So get the story first, then you’ll hook people.”

For Allen, the important part of comedy storytelling is simplicity. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to write a decent comedy plot line.

“My point is, we fight this all the time,” said the Last Man Standing actor. “Sometimes, the hard thing is to find a story because it’s right in front of you. Eight years of Home Improvement, we would eventually go back to the same stories. She misbehaved. Someone lied. It’s Old Testament stuff.”