Tim Allen Set to Star in ‘Santa Clause’ Sequel Series with ‘Last Man Standing’ Crew

by Lauren Boisvert

Tim Allen is returning to his role as Scott Calvin, otherwise known as Santa Claus, in a Disney+ limited series currently titled “The Last Clause”. The series will be a continuation of the 1990-2000’s era “Santa Clause” films.

Santa Claus is nearing 65, and he realizes he can’t do this job forever. He has two kids who grew up at the North Pole, and he wants his family to live a normal life, finally. He goes about finding a suitable replacement Santa, all while preparing his family for the move South.

For this series, Allen is joined by Jack Burditt, creator of the Allen-led sitcom “Last Man Standing”. Burditt is executive producer and showrunner for “The Last Clause”, alongside Kevin Hench, writer and producer for “Last Man Standing”. Executive producing with Burditt and Hench, are Tim Allen’s managers, Richard Baker and Rick Messina. They also had credits on “Last Man Standing”, so it looks like the gang is all here.

Tim Allen has had his hand in a number of Disney films over the years; not only was he the star of “The Santa Clause” and it’s two sequels, but he voices Buzz Lightyear in the “Toy Story” franchise. He made “Jungle 2 Jungle” with the creative team behind “The Santa Clause”, and in 2006 starred in “The Shaggy Dog”.

“The Last Clause” is sure to be a fun romp down memory lane for those kids who grew up in the early 2000s, and a good time for new kids as well. “The Santa Clause” is still a beloved Christmas movie, after all. Production for the limited series will start in March.

Tim Allen Once Reprised an Iconic Role on ‘Last Man Standing’

Tim Allen’s most iconic role is probably Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor from “Home Improvement”, and he knows it. That role did a lot for him, and he brought it back for the final season of “Last Man Standing”. Allen spoke to Entertainment Tonight in January 2021 about the feat of playing both Tim Taylor and Mike Baxter.

“It was very peculiar to do both parts,” he said. “It was challenging for me to do both parts and kind of emotional.” He also spoke about what it meant to bring Taylor back to television, and to “Last Man Standing” specifically. He brought up the loss of Earl Hindman, who passed away in 2003.

“I adored the man and we kind of brought that up in the story. I started thinking about all the history I had with that TV show. How I compare it to my life on this show. It’s all about loss. Is all I kept saying in that episode.”

He explained that Taylor had lost his TV show after “Home Improvement” ended, that he was dealing with loss in a big way, and that Mike Baxter was helping him through the change. But, they didn’t get along. The episode was definitely emotional, for Tim Allen as well as audiences; to see him portray Tim Taylor again was the nostalgia fans needed.