Tim Allen Talks About Who Inspired Him in Road to Success

by Jacklyn Krol

Tim Allen has a few fellow stars that have inspired him over the years.

In an interview with Pioneers of Television, the Home Improvement alum discussed success and how his inspirations influenced him in his own journey. He encouraged anyone listening to read biographies of people that they admire. Especially those who have different backgrounds, genders, cultures, etc. He himself did that for his hero Bob Hope.

“I liked him in the road movies with Crosby a lot. But there are a couple of things that he did that I said, ‘Well I could do that. He went from stand up to radio and television and movies,” he explained. “He made the transitions prior to the transition he saw it coming. I’m gonna have to change this and he was very organic about it wasn’t panicky about it.”

Johnny Carson was another person who he admires. He read his biography and realized how transitions took place.

“I realized how to transition, you watch it in basketball,” he said. “I’m not a huge basketball fan but I love the second-half transition. You go they come out they’re getting their butts kicked and they make a little adjustment.” He also compared it to yoga and being flexible. He encouraged his own acting students to make a list of what you want to do and find someone to learn from it.

Tim Allen on ‘Home Improvement’ Reprisal

Entertainment Tonight’s Iconic Leading Men of the ’90s segment, Tim Allen stated that it was definitely different for him to be playing his Home Improvement role at the same time as his Last Man Standing role. “Not what I expected. It was very difficult. And then having people direct me and the character I developed 20 years ago.”

Tim Allen, along with Home Improvement co-star Richard Karn, came back together to chat about where the cast of the 90s sitcom is now. “Both of us are still close,” Allen stated. “I mean I still see Richard way too much.”

Karn also stated that it doesn’t feel like 30 years since Home Improvement first premiered. “I never told you this, Tim. But you’re like a brother to me,” Karn said. He then explained that he thinks it resonates with the parents that grew up with Home Improvement who are now able to show their kids something that they can sit all together and watch.

Home Improvement premiered on September 17, 1991, and followed TV host Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor and his family. The show starred Allen and Karn along with Earl Hindman, Zachery Ty Bryan, Taran Noah Smith, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, and Patricia Richardson. Thomas and Richardson actually made appearances on Last Man Standing as well. 

Allen Talks Reprising Role

During a January 2021 interview with Entertainment Tonight, Tim Allen discussed the emotional reprising of his beloved Home Improvement role during the final season of Last Man Standing. “It was very peculiar to do both parts,” Allen declared. “It was challenging for me to do both parts and kind of emotional.”

Tim Allen also spoke about his Home Improvement castmate Earl Hindman, who passed away in 2003. “I adored the man and we kind of brought that up in the story. I started thinking about all the history I had with that TV show. How I compare it to my life on this show. It’s all about loss. Is all I kept saying in that episode.”

Although the episode was both emotional and challenging for him, Tim Allen also praised it as being a great idea and a way to bring Taylor into this century. “It’s really clever what they did with it,” he stated about the writers.