Tim Allen Wishes Fans a Merry Christmas With a Pic From One of His Most Iconic Roles

by Michael Freeman

Tim Allen has had the pleasure of donning a number of iconic, memorable roles in his life. However, one of them is especially relevant to this time of year and he knows it too. Posting a throwback pic from it, he wished everyone a Merry Christmas.

When it comes to Christmas, there’s really nothing more prestigious to playing Santa Clause. Tim Allen had the honor of donning the red suit not once, or even twice, but three separate times in The Santa Clause, plus its sequels. Earlier today, he posted a throwback pic on Twitter to this notable role, showing him as Santa Clause smiling happily at the camera.

“Merry Christmas to all,” the caption happily states. I mean, it doesn’t get much better than having Santa Clause himself wish you a good time, right?

Naturally, his fans are returning the sentiment, whether it’s to stay on his good list or not remains to be seen. The thread itself is incredibly wholesome, with many saying they’re watching the first movie and can’t get enough of it.

A multitude of them also mention making a The Santa Clause 4 and I’m inclined to share their sentiment. For those who haven’t seen the movies, I highly recommend it. Tim Allen really shines, especially in the first one where he begrudgingly accepts his newfound role and then embraces it.

Though there aren’t any known plans for a fourth movie, it doesn’t hurt to hope.

Tim Allen Discusses Who He Really Admires

It makes sense that a man who plays Santa Clause is full of cheer and positive energy. A few months ago, for instance, he talked about who he really admires and it’ll likely bring a smile to your face.

Posting a picture of a garage, Tim Allen captioned the tweet saying he admires his fans and those who walk the walk. “I so admire all of you who can talk, listen, and better yet, get stuff done,” it reads. Allen’s tweets are often something along these lines, voicing encouragement for those who need it and praise for those he admires.

His followers seem to appreciate the message too, thanking him for the kind words. Some even show their own creations and “The Tool Man” himself is likely proud. Funnily enough, though he posted this in October, scrolling through the replies also reveals many people asking for The Santa Clause 4.

What can I say, the people know what they want.