Tim Conway’s Daughter Reflects on Her Father’s Friendship With Carol Burnett

by Josh Lanier

Tim Conway was the peanut butter to Carol Burnett’s chocolate. Apart, they were successful comedians who could crack up an audience. But together, they made something magical. They worked together for four years on The Carol Burnett Show and created comedy that still draws laughs today.

But their relationship extended beyond the stage. They were dear friends whose families got together often, Conway’s daughter writes in her new memoir. Kelly Conway recently released “My Dad’s Funnier Than Your Dad,” which sheds some light on her famous father and his friends. Tim Conway died in 2019. He was 85.

Tim Conway and Carol Burnett just got each other. And they used that understood to make the show better, Kelly told Fox News.

“They had a great relationship,” Kelly Conway said. “They were best buddies in and out of work. She was at our house a lot. Her kids were friends with all of us. We were just a big pack of fun. They were really close. She loved my dad, and my dad loved her. Not only did they have a genuine friendship, but she let him do what he did best. He didn’t need to stick to a script. She allowed him to shine and go crazy. I think that’s why they created so much magic on set together.”

That magic wasn’t easy, Carol Burnett recalls. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpQDRKisuOw


“Tim Conway is merciless in his comedy,” Burnette said. “He would glom on to something — some bit of business — we hadn’t even rehearsed. There he would be in front of the studio audience doing things we hadn’t seen before. The cameramen were having to wing it, and the director and everything. But it turned out to be pure gold. He would just keep at it until the audience could no longer laugh.”

Tim Conway Had a Long Productive Career

Tim Conway appeared in more than 100 movies and films during his career that stretched back to the 1950s. More shocking is the breadth of his work. He appeared in McHale’s Navy, The Steve Allen Show, and had his own show twice. But he also did voices in Disney shows and played Barnacle Boy on Spongebob Squarepants.

Kelly Conway said her dad loved tackling challenges and doing new things.

“A lot of people his age remembered The Carol Burnett Show, but then there’s a completely different generation that remembers him from Disney and SpongeBob, Kelly Conway said. “Even little kids know who he is. And I think that’s what kept him current, relevant, and liked. And my dad was all about clean fun that he could watch with his granddaughter or his family. There was no bad language or sexual innuendos. His goal was to keep everything clean so that everyone in the same room can enjoy it.”