Tim Conway’s Daughter Reflects on Her Late Father’s Decline and Legacy

by Michael Freeman

Tim Conway’s professional resume is as long as it is legendary. After writing a memoir about him, his daughter Kelly Conway reflected on his sad decline in health and his legacy.

With one of his most prominent roles being with Carol Burnett on The Carol Burnett Show, Conway’s career was defined by comedy. Unfortunately, in 2018, it was reported he received a dementia diagnosis. His daughter spoke to Fox News concerning this while discussing her memoir, My Dad’s Funnier Than Your Dad, about him and talked about her father’s declining health. She denied the dementia diagnosis but confirmed his dire situation.

“He had something called normal pressure hydrocephalus,” she corrected the outlet. “It’s a brain disorder in which excess fluid accumulates in the brain’s ventricles. They treated it by putting a shunt in to drain that excess fluid. That worked for a little bit, but it just took its toll. He wasn’t diagnosed with dementia, although I know it can be misdiagnosed as Alzheimer’s.”

She then stated they didn’t notice the symptoms earlier because his ailment was “sneaky.” Sadly, in the midst of this, Kelly’s stepmom made seeing and caring for him difficult. She only took legal action about the matter when she felt she had no other choice. When the conversation shifted to her father eventually passing, Kelly Conway spoke about his legacy.

“My dad was just a very kind man,” Kelly reflected. “Fame didn’t faze him. He would still have conversations with the plumber and electrician. He treated them with the same respect that he gave to a director in Hollywood. Nobody ever had a bad word to say about my dad. He just wanted to make people laugh. And that’s what he loved.”

Kelly Conway Talks About her Father’s Friendship with Carol Burnett

Tim Conway appeared on The Carol Burnett Show for five years and along with Burnett herself in numerous other endeavors. As it turns out, the two’s chemistry wasn’t just on screen, but off as well.

In the same interview with Fox News, Kelly Conway said the two were practically inseparable. “They had a great relationship,” Conway said. “They were best buddies in and out of work. She was at our house a lot. Her kids were friends with all of us. We were just a big pack of fun. They were really close.”

Conway continued, saying Burnett really let him cut loose and be himself, which contributed to the two meshing so well with one another.

“She loved my dad, and my dad loved her. Not only did they have a genuine friendship, but she let him do what he did best. He didn’t need to stick to a script. She allowed him to shine and go crazy. I think that’s why they created so much magic on set together.”