Tim Conway’s Daughter Says Her Father Was Naturally Funny

by Michael Freeman

Chances are if you’re a Carol Burnett fan, you also enjoy watching Tim Conway. Conway had people laughing on-screen for decades and unsurprisingly, his daughter said he was just as funny in real life too.

Often appearing on programs like The Carol Burnett Show and the more recent Yes Dear, Tim Conway knew how to make people laugh. His daughter, Kelly Conway, recently spoke to Fox News about her memoir on him titled My Dad’s Funnier than Your Dad: Growing Up with Tim Conway in the Funniest House of America. After talking about Tim at length, the outlet commented he sounded just as funny in real life as he was on screen, which Kelly confirmed.

“Oh yes, he was exactly the same at home,” Kelly stated. “That’s why we had such a fun upbringing. He wouldn’t come home and change personalities. The games and circus atmosphere continued right at home! And it was a blast.”

For instance, most children dread going to the grocery store with their parents, but Tim Conway turned it into a game. “I remember that whenever we would go to the grocery store, he would try to keep me and my five brothers quiet by turning it into a game. And yes, he would take all of us to the grocery store. He would say, ‘Whoever catches the most groceries that I throw over the aisle with their cart gets 10 dollars.’ Everybody got a cart and just circled the aisles scrambling.

I must admit I’m envious of grocery trips like that, but not so much of the employees that worked there.

Lucille Ball Helped Carol Burnett Land Her Iconic Show

Tim Conway was one of many incredible guests to star on The Carol Burnett Show. Interestingly enough, the show only came to fruition thanks to some help Burnett received from Lucille Ball.

Rare provided details, saying it all began when Ball happened to attend a performance Burnett took part in. Burnett coincidentally saw the I Love Lucy star sitting in the audience and even admitted being intimidated by her. Ball came backstage after the show to talk and when the two parted, she turned to Burnett and said “Kid, if you ever need me for anything, give me a call.”

That offer turned out to be a key component in Burnett landing her own show. At one point, CBS made contact with her and offered her a one-hour special. However, there was one condition: she had to get a huge name to help her co-star. You can guess who she called. Lucy showed up, no questions asked, and it was so successful CBS reached out again and gave her what would eventually be The Carol Burnett Show.