Tim McGraw Shares Hilarious Relationship Advice After 25th Anniversary

by Courtney Blackann

Country’s golden couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are definitely still making power moves as they continue to dominate the industry together. They also recently celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary, though it’s hard to believe they’ve been together that long. Do the stars ever age? Recently, McGraw opened up about what keeps them lasting after all this time.

In an interview with “CBS Mornings,” McGraw shared details about filming “1883” with Faith Hill. The anchor asked the “It’s Your Love” singer about how he keeps the romance alive off-screen.

McGraw jokingly replies by saying, “yes ma’am” a lot. He says he has three daughters and a wife and he learned early on to just say yes. But all jokes aside, McGraw said both he and Faith Hill made the decision early on that they just weren’t going to quit on each other. He says marriage is tough and you have to make that choice every day not to give up.

“Bailing out is too easy,” the singer said.

Further, McGraw said the music stars have three girls together and made a choice that they wanted to raise them together as a family. And we think they’ve done a pretty good job. All the McGraw children seem to have budding careers.

Faith Hill on Filming Intimate Scenes with Tim McGraw for “1883”

While Tim McGraw and Faith Hill obviously have a loving and supportive offscreen relationship, the singer said she had a bit of a difficult time filming those intimate moments onscreen.

The two appear together as the Duttons in Taylor Sheridan’s “Yellowstone” spinoff “1883.” If it’s as gritty as the “Yellowstone,” we’re sure there will be some hot and heavy moments.

But these scenes gave Hill a bit of anxiety.

“It was really uncomfortable for me personally because I’m a very shy person in that type of situation,” Hill told People. “I obviously feel comfortable with my husband, but this is different. For intimate scenes, I feel like that belongs to us.”

However, Hill, being the professional she is, made the scenes work and overcame her fears. And her real-life love story with Tim McGraw is surely just as romantic as the original Duttons.

The two met in the mid-90s. They both obviously knew of each other, but Hill was swayed when Tim McGraw brought her a special treat.

“He knocked on my door, and he had a bowl of homemade chicken dumplings,” Hill said of her future husband during a 2016 interview. “He said, ‘I made these myself. They’re homemade from scratch.’ He had the bowl covered in aluminum foil, and he had a spoon and a fork on top of the bowl. He said, ‘I didn’t know if you liked to eat your dumplings with a spoon or a fork.’”