‘Today’ Fans Show Al Roker & Deborah Roberts Support Following Emotional Post About Their Son

by Chris Haney

Following Al Roker and his wife’s exciting announcement about their son’s college acceptance, fans have shared messages of support for the soon-to-be empty nesters.

A few weeks ago, the Today show host and his famous wife, ABC News correspondent Deborah Roberts, revealed the big news about their son, Nick. Al and Deborah have been together for years, and tied the knot back in September 1995. The couple welcomed their first child together three years later when Deborah gave birth to Leila Ruth in 1998. Four years later, the happy couple welcomed Nick to the world in July 2002. Roker also has a daughter, Courtney, from his first marriage.

With Courtney and Leila already out of the house, that left their teenager Nick as the last child at home. In mid-December, Al Roker shared a video of Nick getting accepted into one of the universities he applied to. As Nick celebrated with his family, he also revealed that he’s been accepted to two different schools so far. However, Nick hasn’t announced what schools accepted him, and he hasn’t revealed where he’s decided to go yet.

Last week, Deborah was feeling nostalgic about her son and posted an old photo of the mother-son duo. She followed that up by posting a more recent pic of the two together as well.

“How does this happen? One day I’m looking down at him…and next I’m looking up. What a journey #tbt #sonshine,” Deborah wrote on her Instagram post along with the two photos.

Fans flocked to her post with well wishes while many parents shared similar feelings of watching their own children grow up. “It goes so darn fast!” one fan wrote in the comments. “Such a beautiful blessing watching him grow, handsome young man,” another wrote. “Congratulations! I know that feeling when they leave the nest!” a third fan shared.

Al Roker and His Family Are Respecting Nick’s College Journey

Last month, Al Roker revealed his son’s huge news with his more than 800,000 Instagram fans and followers. Ever since, he and his family have been celebrating their son’s journey as he decides his college destination.

“So very very proud of my #collegebound young man. #congratulations @nick.roker155,” Al Roker proudly wrote about his son.

Nick has already faced several obstacles in his short 19-year life so far. Al Roker’s son is on the autism spectrum and had developmental issues as an infant. At three years old, Nick barely spoke and hardly walked much. Since then, he’s come a long way. He’s a taekwondo black belt, a two-time Special Olympics gold medal swimmer, and a worship team cross-bearer at his church.

As excited as their family is for Nick, his two famous parents are giving him some space when it comes to his college decision. His mom recently made an appearance on ABC’s The View where she spoke about Nick’s college acceptance. She told the hosts that Nick gave his approval for her to share the news on TV.

“I got his permission to talk about it because that is his private business,” Deborah Roberts said on The View. “But he is so excited and we are too.”