‘Today’ Host Carson Daly Live TV Segment Interrupted by His 1-Year-Old Daughter

by Madison Miller

Carson Daly, the host of the “Today” show, had a very adorable interruption during his live TV segment.

On Monday morning, Carson Daly was doing his Popstart segment from home. He begins to talk about Janet Jackson’s new documentary, but gets cut off by a sound many fathers may be familiar with, “da-da.”

Carson Daly Gets Interrupted by Toddler

Immediately, Daly’s co-hosts in the studio all notice and begin giggling over the little interruption. Al Roker, Hoda Kotb, Craig Melvin, and Sheinelle Jones then ask Daly where that adorable little sound is coming from. “Who do we have?” asks Hoda from the studio.

Eventually, little baby Goldie climbs into Carson Daly’s lap and smiles brightly for her audience at home.

As the seasoned professional he is, Daly took the whole thing in stride. He continued his entire segment with the toddler sitting happily in his lap. She even served as his little assistant during a few parts of his highlights. That included holding up photos of the cast of “The Office,” John Travolta, and even Queen Elizabeth II.

Eventually, Daly’s segment came to an end. Goldie then proceeded to adorably blow kisses and wave at the camera. It seems like she’s already a natural in front of the camera. That interruption, although it may have been a bit nerve-wracking for Daly, turned out to be a very cute on-screen moment.

Daly as a Family Man

Not only is Carson Daly a co-host of the “Today” show as well as the host of “The Voice,” but he’s also a devoted husband and father.

He got married to his wife, Siri Pinter, in 2015. The couple now has four kids together — Jackson, Etta, London, and Goldie. In fact, the couple recently celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary.

“Six years + I can’t even remember how many more… that’s because life with you and our family has felt like forever,” Siri wrote on Instagram, along with sharing a number of black-and-white photos from their wedding day.

For Carson Daly, he has shared that he wants his kids to understand mental health awareness as they grow up. He wrote an entire article for the “Today” site in June highlighting the importance of speaking to children about their mental health.

He specifically wants to remove the stigma that talking with someone or therapy means you’re inherently “damaged.”

“My oldest daughter is talking to somebody. We say, ‘There’s a doctor for your body and there’s a doctor for your mind.’ She’s like, ‘Oh, cool, I’m going to go see this doctor and talk to him about the nightmares I’m having or the way I’m feeling.’ If either of my parents was around today and I said, ‘Oh, my daughter is in therapy,’ the first thing they would say is, ‘What’s wrong with her?'” Carson wrote.