‘Today’ Host Hoda Kotb Talks Ditching Technology During Vacation

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty Images)

Technology, especially social media, has become a prominent mainstay in most people’s lives. Nonetheless, there’s a certain allure to going “off the grid” and ignoring it for a while. Today Show host Hoda Kotb recently indulged in this herself during a vacation and recounted the experience after returning to the show.

During TODAY’s fourth hour, Kotb spoke about her vacation which saw her spending 10 days without her phone. It’s a strange concept to many of us, but the show co-anchor revealed it was a freeing experience and really opened up her eyes to how dependent we are on our phones. After coming back and seeing everyone stuck to their cellular devices, she asked herself if she missed it. “And I was happier without it,” she said on the air.

“It was so funny because at the end, I walked out into the world and what I noticed was everybody was hunched over a phone – and no judgment because me too, right?” Kotb said. “But I looked around and I was like, every single person is hunched.”

Kotb then suggested an interesting theory that, sadly, is probably true. “If you had slept for 30 years … you would know that when you woke up and looked around that everyone’s looking at this tiny box and holding it like it’s gold, and where is it, and if they lose it, they’re freaking.”

Realizing just how happy she was without her phone, Kotb vowed to only use it for necessities now. As someone who regularly goes dark on social media himself, I can absolutely confirm it’s a freeing experience. It’s not for everyone, but the next time you have a day or two off, give it a try and see what you think.

‘Today Show’s’ Natalie Morales Leaves for ‘The Talk’

While Hoda Kotb left her phone behind to experience the world, Today Show’s Natalie Morales said goodbye to the show altogether. Announcing her departure last month, she says she’s leaving for The Talk.

Giving an emotional goodbye on Friday’s show on November 19, she said it was “an honor” to be there. This proves to be a big goodbye for her, as she’s been with NBC for more than 20 years now, Pop Culture reports.

“Dear viewers… From the minute I stepped in front of the camera and into your living rooms, I knew it was an honor to be part of your morning tradition, the most sacred time. With you, I’ve had a front seat to moments that captured our hearts, moments I will forever cherish as I witnessed history,” Morales stated.

Noting the fact she traveled the country with America’s leaders and covered amazing stories, she expressed being truly thankful for the experience.