‘Today’ Host Savannah Guthrie Debuts New Look

by Samantha Whidden

Over the weekend, Today show co-anchor Savannah Guthrie took to her Instagram to share a snapshot of her new look. 

In a social media post on Sunday (January 23rd), the Today star revealed that she cut her hair. She shared a snapshot of her new look and captioned the post with, “Chopped.”

The new look comes after the Today show had a setback with having in-person production when a crew member tested positive for COVID-19. Co-anchor Hoda Kotb tested positive for the virus and returned to the studio. However, Guthrie eventually announced from her home that she also ended up with a positive test. 

“We’re taking places,” the Today star reportedly joked with Kotb about her breakthrough COVID-19 infection. “I’m working from home. You’re back in the studio. You have a negative test for COVID. I just tested positive for COVID. So here we go.”

Kotb responded to her Today co-anchor by declaring, “I know that your negative test will come quickly but here’s to happy healing.”

Guthrie stated that her symptoms were mild. She was doing ok and said it’s little sniffles but not much more of that. She previously documented the moment she received her first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine in 2021 at the Rockefeller Plaza. 

Both Today co-anchors were finally able to reunite at the studio. Guthrie shared a snapshot of her and Kotb together with the caption, “And it feels SO good.”

Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb Celebrate the 70th Anniversary of ‘Today’ 

Earlier this month, Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb celebrated the 70th anniversary of the hit NBC morning show Today. The duo was joined on set with fellow anchors Al Roker, Craig Melvin, and Carson Daly to reflect on the show’s legacy through the series. 

While discussing how Today has managed to stay fresh and popular for seven decades, Kotb stated that the secret sauce of the show’s success is due to its good company. Melvin went on to declare, “There’s no place this show hasn’t gone.”

Kotb also looked back on when she was named co-anchor for Today in 2018. “I think it’s one of those things that it was almost too big to dream about too. To really have it registered. That it was even a possibility. I don’t say anything out loud unless it’s done. And I think to hear it was really, really meaningful.”

Kotb then praised the fact that she was part of the first female team with Guthrie on Today. “We knew it was a huge deal. But we didn’t realize.”

Kota then shared a moment between the Today co-anchors and a mother-daughter duo. “They said, ‘We just wanna tell you something. From now on my daughter’s gonna know that watching two women anchor a show is completely normal. You just made that regular.’ I felt like that was such a big moment.”