‘TODAY’ Show’s Hoda Kotb Reveals New Transformation on Air

by Maria Hartfield

TODAY show host Hoda Kotb shocked viewers with an all-new hairdo. The 57-year-old broadcast journalist rocked a new darker hair color on Tuesday’s show. Hoda’s new hair color is a complete 180 from her former lighter, caramel-colored style.

Even though Hoda’s ultimately pleased with her new look, she revealed the change is actually a “happy accident” resulting from a home keratin treatment gone wrong.

Hoda Kotb opened up on Hoda & Jenna to her guest co-host Sheinelle Jones about the traumatic event. Apparently, Hoda was trying to smooth her hair prior to a family get-together over the holidays. Unfortunately, not everything went as planned. After the three-hour treatment, she let down her locks only to discover they had turned “fire engine orange” during the process.

“It was Bozo orange,” Hoda said. “There was something funky with the chemicals,” she continued. “I was like an orange Q-tip.”

Lucky for Hoda, as a well-known TV personality, she was able to enlist the help of the TODAY show stylist to help her fix the mistake. Both ladies started early waking up at 3:15 a.m. to work on mending her hair faux pas before the morning show taping.

Fans react to Hoda Kotb’s New Hair

“She just started putting stuff on it, and it’s dark brown now, so, that’s the way it is,” Kotb described. “There you go.”

Hoda took to Instagram to share her new do. Fans of Hoda & Jenna weren’t shy when it came to praising Hoda’s “happy accident”.

“I know it was a booboo but I really like Hoda’s hair,” commented one person. “Hoda’s hair is winter sassy and I’m here for it,” said another follower. Another person noted, “You look fabulous…. What a beautiful color for you!” while another wrote, “Love Hoda’s darker hair! Makes you look younger. (Not that you look old to begin with or with lighter hair. [wink emoji])” 

Hoda Kotb made headlines recently for another bold statement after she decided to do a 10-day retreat sans her phone. After her short break from her handheld device, she stated she was “happier without it” and hopes to only use it for “necessities” moving forward.

Earlier this month, Kotb told co-host Jenna Bush Hager, “It was so funny because, at the end, I walked out into the world and what I noticed was everybody was hunched over a phone – and no judgment because me too, right? But I looked around and I was like, every single person is hunched.”

Viewers of the show flooded the TODAY show’s Instagram comments in response to Hoda’s retreat from technology with heartwarming messages. Even more, they thanked the show host for

After seeing Hoda back by Jenna’s side, her fans immediately flooded the Today show’s Instagram comments section with heartwarming messages. What’s more, many followers also thanked Hoda for encouraging folks to actively spend less time on their phones.