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Todd Chrisley’s Mother Says She’s Focusing on Being ‘Strong’ While He’s in Prison

by Samantha Whidden
Todd Chrisley’s Mother Says She’s Focusing on Being ‘Strong’
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for Rampage )

Months after her son Todd and daughter-in-law Julie Chrisley began serving his prison sentence for bank fraud and tax evasion, Nanny Faye is speaking out about how she’s handling the situation.

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While making an appearance on Lindsie Chrisley’s podcast The Southern Tea, Nanny Faye spoke to her granddaughter about how she’s handling the biggest “heartaches” of Todd and Julie’s 19-year combined prison sentence.

“My heart is broke,” Nanny Faye admitted. “I don’t know that I have been this broken in many days, but I have to ask God to give me strength and courage to get through it because not everybody is treated [with] justice, not everything is fair.”

Despite her personal struggles, Todd Chrisley’s mother stated that she tries to help her grandchildren through the situation. “I tell you children, we have to get up and be like the tree planted by the water. We shall not be moved,” she explained. “Let people see that we’re really the people that we are. Get up, do the right thing. Be kind and let God take over.”

Todd Chrisley’s Daughter and Mother Share Lessons Learned From Family’s Unfortunate Situation

Lindsie Chrisley then shared a lesson she has learned through the family’s current hardships. “What I’ve learned through that experience alone is that you have to be very careful and very mindful of not falling into what the media paints you out to be.”

Nanny Faye also chimed in and shared her thoughts. She noted that she would never give the media any form of joy because she’s hurting deep in her heart. “I’m not gonna let no one see that,” she continued. “Because you know, I have to be strong. I am still the mother and the grandmother and I know that I have never done anything bad in my life. Never.”

However, Nanny Faye noted that she has to let others see what Jesus has done to her. Especially with what made him move on with life. “So, that’s what I’m gonna do. But I am broken.”

As previously reported, Todd and Julie Chrisley were sentenced to a combined 19 years in prison for financial crimes. Todd ended up with a 12-year sentence and he’s currently in Florida’s Prison Camp Pensacola. Julie has a seven-year sentence and is at the Federal Medical Center in Lexington Kentucky.

Last week, Lindsie Chrisley spoke about how Julie has been doing very well while in Kentucky. However, she has not been able to visit with Julie. She noted there were issues with paperwork that would allow her to visit the prison.

“I sent in all of my paperwork and have yet to hear back regarding the visiting,” Lindsie said. “So it’s been a little bit frustrating. The attempts to try to communicate have been a lot different than communicating with my dad.”