Tom Cruise Receives High Praise from ‘Mission: Impossible 3’ Costar: ‘No Better Person to Work With’

by Chris Piner

With Top Gun: Maverick continuing to entertain audiences and make a staggering amount of money, many co-stars and critics showered actor Tom Cruise with praise for his highest-grossing film in his career. Way before Cruise brought the sequel to life, the actor starred in many memorable films like Jerry McGuire, The Last Samurai, and Eyes Wide Shut. Proving his range when it comes to acting, Cruise is considered to be one of the greatest action stars in Hollywood. While other actors often use caution when it comes to stunts, Cruise appears to be willing to do anything as long as the cameras are rolling, including hanging off of a plane. Recently, a former co-star detailed what it was like working with the action-movie legend. 

Speaking with both Drew Taylor and Charles Hood about her experience on the set of Mission Impossible III, directed by J.J. Abrams, actress Maggie Q explained the intense audition process and what it means to be in a Tom Cruise film. While Cruise is known for being extremely hands-on during the production process, Maggie Q noted that at the time of her casting, the star traveled the country, promoting War of the Worlds

Maggie Q Remembers Meeting Tom Cruise For The First Time

Landing the role, Maggie Q quickly found herself around some of the biggest names in Hollywood. They included Laurence Fishburne, Simon Pegg, and the late Philip Seymour Hoffman. The first time she met Tom Cruise happened while she helped with a camera test. She remembered the actor resembling a “hurricane” due to his persona. Still, making it a point to introduce himself to her, Maggie Q admitted both Tom Cruise and Jackie Chan are the two hardest-working people in Hollywood. 

Giving a glimpse into Tom Cruise’s work ethic, Maggie Q said, “Tom is always trying to make everything better…Say what you will, I mean people say what they want about everyone, but I know for me when I work it’s great if you like each other, it’s great if you, you know, develop a friendship out of a professional working environment, but at the end of the day you really just want to work with professionals who want to achieve the best work. If that’s what you want there is no better person to work with than Tom Cruise.”

Maggie Q added, “There’s no one on the planet who fights that hard, who’s always thinking, who cares as much as he does. There just isn’t. And who’s genuinely passionate about the product. I mean he loves what he does, which is why when he’s at work he’s in a really good mood.”

Beyond working with Tom Cruise, Maggie Q also received martial arts training from the iconic Jackie Chan, who again, she suggested worked just as hard.