Tom Selleck’s Daughter, Hannah, Looks Absolutely Stunning in Gorgeous Pic from Spain

by Shelby Scott

While Outsiders adjust to colder weather here in the United States, it appears Tom Selleck’s daughter Hannah is enjoying the remnants of summer over in Spain in her latest pic. The Instagram post shows the actor‘s daughter boasting a stunningly beautiful olive green gown.

Meanwhile, her blonde ponytail flies adrift in the breeze, and her dress has a slit high enough to show off her athletically-toned legs.

The equestrian’s outfit has us wondering what fun event Tom Selleck’s daughter could be attending. Meanwhile, the setting itself is just as beautiful. The photo features the actor’s daughter standing atop a pebbled drive and backed by a historic Spanish castle. The beautiful architectural structure is coated in ivy and boasts colorful glass window panes. Overall, the scene appears out of a fairy tale.

Hannah Selleck’s followers shared their love of her outfit and the setting in the comments. “BABE,” one follower enthusiastically wrote, while another complimented the woman’s olive green dress. “[O]kay this color on you,” they said. We can only assume the heart eyes means they think Tom Selleck’s daughter looks as beautiful as we thought.

Tons of other followers left a collection of emojis beneath the post. While the comments are not necessarily verbal, we nevertheless agree.

Tom Selleck Stars Alongside Hollywood Legend in ‘Blue Bloods’

Tom Selleck’s daughter Hannah is stunning all of us in her latest post. However, Tom Selleck himself is facing off with one iconic Hollywood legend in this upcoming episode of “Blue Bloods.” For that, we can’t wait.

The new episode debuts this Friday, November 5th. In it, we’ll see the iconic Tom Selleck stand up against actor Stacy Keach. While obviously Tom Selleck stars as “Blue Bloods” patriarchal character, Frank Reagan, Stacy plays the part of local Archbishop Kearns.

Popculture‘s revealed Stacy’s character is a local priest demanding budget cuts for the New York City Police Department. A prominent topic among contemporary social issues, the “Blue Bloods” episode promises to be a tense one. Obviously, as remains apparent in the media, the budget cut topic causes rifts between law enforcement and the public. Specifically, the latest episode puts a focus on the role of the church in these ongoing discussions.

Meanwhile, Tom Selleck has revealed that this ongoing season of “Blue Bloods” will be pretty pivotal for his character and the rest of the cast overall. Among the upcoming episode spotlighting budget cuts for law enforcement, the beginning of the season puts a heavy emphasis on his character Frank and how he navigates ongoing changes within the city.

Selleck shared, “The quality of life in his New York City, as well as New York City by all standards, has gone down. And he really gets sideways with the mayor, who has drifted to another point of view.”

While we continue to explore internal issues among the Reagan family and “Blue Bloods” in general, we can only hope our favorite characters are able to navigate these onscreen issues and provide us a season full of new and exciting story lines.