Tom Selleck Recalled Finding the Script for Classic Western ‘Quigley Down Under’

by Joe Rutland

Many years before playing Frank Reagan on Blue Bloods, Tom Selleck starred in a movie titled Quigley Down Under. He found the script, too

There must be a story behind Selleck finding it, right? Of course, there is. He talked about it in this article from Cowboys & Indians.

“When I found the script, it had already been through a lot of hands, one of them being Sean Connery’s,” Selleck said. “But I just absolutely loved it.”

Tom Selleck Plays Character Who Dumps Job After Finding Out His Duties

Tom Selleck plays Matthew Quigley in the movie. He is an American sharpshooter who goes to Australia for a high-paying job from a guy named Elliott Marston, played by Alan Rickman. Quigley ends up getting a traveling companion, played by Laura San Giacomo.

It is when the character of Quigley finds out that his job is to kill Aborigines, that does not sit well. Quigley punches the lights out of Marston and goes into the outback with Giacomo’s Crazy Cora character. Quigley Down Under premiered in October 1990 but would get swamped for attention by Dances With Wolves, starring Yellowstone actor Kevin Costner.

Oh, this definitely was not the first movie Tom Selleck has done in his illustrious career. A lot of fans probably have seen him in Three Men and a Baby from 1987. He stars in that flick along with Ted Danson and Steve Guttenberg. He’s also been in a starring role when it comes to the Jesse Stone TV movies, too.

Fans Can Find This Movie Now On HBO Max Schedule And Watch It Over and Over

Yes, you can see Tom Selleck pretty much every week as the New York Police Department commissioner on Blue Bloods. He’s there along with Donnie Wahlberg, Bridget Moynahan, Vanessa Ray, Will Estes, and Len Cariou, among others.

Here is another Quigley Down Under note or two. If you are looking to watch this movie, then go over to HBO Max and you can watch it when it pops on the schedule. Simon Wincer directed the film; John Hill wrote the script.

Hill really started working on the script back in 1974. The film got optioned in 1979 and was going to star Steve McQueen. But his 1980 death ended that dream.

Fast forward to 1987. So, this movie ends up landing at Warner Bros. Tom Selleck gets cast the lead role, and away we go with the filming. Wincer would end up directing because the lead actor requested that an Australian actually direct a film based in Australia. Will Selleck make more movies? Anything is possible with his career and there are other Jesse Stone films that he wants to do.