‘Top Gun’: Goose Actor Anthony Edwards Has High Praise for ‘Maverick’ Sequel

by Emily Morgan

Top Gun actor Anthony Edwards, who starred as Gose in the original 1986 film, is praising the new sequel. For Edwards, he can summarize the movie in two words: “mission accomplished.”

Edwards appeared as LTJG Nick “Goose” Bradshaw with Tom Cruise’s Pete “Maverick” Mitchell in the original Top Gun. As the film continues, the two train at the US Navy’s Fighter Weapons School at the Naval Air Station in San Diego, California. 

While attending the world premiere of Jennifer Lopez’s new documentary, Halftime, at the 2022 Tribeca Film Festival on Thursday, he offered “two thumbs” up for the new film. 

“If you do the first move, you’re lucky enough,” Edwards humbly admitted about his role as Goose in the movie. “I was lucky enough that Tom [Cruise] called me up. He screened it for me in person.” 

Although he didn’t attend the film’s premiere, the original actor still had nothing but good things to say about the movie. 

“People had a certain feeling in the original one and that one [Top Gun: Maverick] does exactly what it felt like seeing it the first time, only more so. As I said to Tom, ‘mission accomplished.’ They did it,” he said in an interview with ET. “They really did though. It’s a lot of work that went into that. It had the feel, it had the tone, it had what people wanted.”

Even his son, Bailey, had nothing but praise for Top Gun: Maverick. “So, we actually saw it at the Dolby screening room here in New York with the best sound ever, and there was just, like, eight of us watching it. It was fantastic.”

As Edwards adds, much work went into making Top Gun: Maverick

The rigorous training that went into the making of the new Top Gun

In addition to spending nearly a decade in developmental and multiple delays due to COVID, Cruise also helped create an intense and unique training program for his co-stars and crew. He taught them how to handle the planes’ G-force and how to work the cameras from the cockpit. They even borrowed U.S. Navy Jets.

As viewers will see, the new Top Gun features a fresh take on practical aviation stuntwork. The new crew even built brand new cameras to capture the sequel’s soaring flight sequences. 

In addition to its stellar aerial scenes, Top Gun: Maverick has also been praised worldwide as an emotionally powerful story, thanks mainly to how the sequel addresses the lasting legacy of the original Top Gun

From a recreation of the original Top Gun’s iconic bar and beach scenes to a reunion between Cruise and Kilmer, as Edwards describes, the new high-flying flick pays homage to the original in multiple ways. 

Although the now-59-year-old Edwards doesn’t appear in the film, he makes appearances via photographs and flashbacks. As a result, this makes Goose’s death even more impactful. In the original, his character dies halfway through the movie.