‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Approaches Another Mind-Blowing Milestone at the Box Office

by Joe Rutland

The new Tom Cruise movie Top Gun: Maverick is roaring up with ticket sales and is near another box office milestone. Cruise is playing his character Maverick in this sequel to the popular movie that also starred Val Kilmer. We get a chance to see Kilmer again in this sequel, too. But we’re talking about a mind-blowing milestone for the movie at the box office.

A Variety report indicated that the movie fell just 17 percent in the 14th weekend of its release. Yet this movie is still among the top three flicks in the movie world right now. Top Gun: Maverick is pretty near hitting its North American gross total up to $691 million over the weekend. With this taking place, the movie will draw closer to the Marvel movie Black Panther which totaled $700 million.

‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Director Talked About Tom Cruise-Val Kilmer Reunion

With this weekend’s gate, this movie will bust into the box office top five in the all-time domestic films list. Talk about a great achievement for this movie and all those involved with making it. Cruise did get involved with the making of this sequel. Meanwhile, director Joseph Kosinski would talk about the reunion that happened between Cruise and Kilmer. In the sequel, there was some AI used to help enhance Kilmer’s voice due to his health issues.

“It was two men who had a long friendship and a tremendous amount of respect for each other,” Kosinski said in an interview with Forbes. “Professionally and personally, and it was a reunion of sorts. I don’t think they had seen each other much. They had gone off and had these incredible careers that were very separate, and to come back over 30 years later, in these roles as these iconic characters that were so important to both of them and defined them in their careers, there was just a lot of emotion.”

Is there a possible Top Gun 3 in the works? Well, that is something that actor Jay Ellis, who plays Lieutenant Reuben “Payback” Finch, is talking about with Screen Rant. “Listen, I would love to be in a third,” Ellis told the outlet. “If Paramount’s listening right now, let’s make a third one. Why not? We’ll see. I think one of the things that is going to really be a big part of a third, if there ever were a third, and I have not heard that there’s a third, is like, how do you film the flying? How is flight different from this film to the next film?” This movie is still in theaters, of course. But Top Gun: Maverick brings fans of the old movie back to see the sequel.