‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Approaches Top 10 All-Time Highest Grossing Movies at the Domestic Box Office

by Taylor Cunningham

Top Gun: Maverick can’t stop winning. Though it’s been in theaters for less than two months, it seems to be breaking records by the minute. And as of today (July 16), it’s approaching the top 10 list of the all-time highest-grossing movies.

The film has brought in a staggering $609 million in gross ticket sales. And that means that it’s only $11 million shy of knocking Star Wars: The Last Jedi out of its place in history.

The film earned $11.7 million this week alone. So the chances that it could pull into the number 10 spot are high. But it could inch a little higher before soon. In 9th place is Marvel’s The Avengers with $623 million gross. And if Maverick has proven anything, it’s that a measly $3 million more is all in a day’s work.

Earlier this week, Top Gun: Maverick floated passed Titanic‘s first run earnings of $601.919 million, which placed the movie as the 12th highest grossing film.

However, Titanic is still Paramount’s highest-grossing film. Thanks to a re-release to celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2017, it brought in an overall total of $659.3M.

‘Top Gun: Maverick’s Monumental Success is All Thanks to Tom Cruise’s Patience

Apparently, Paramount has Tom Cruise to thank for its film’s monumental success. The studio has been pushing for a sequel ever since the first Top Gun hit theaters in 1986. But Cruise was waiting for the perfect pitch and the perfect moment.

For decades, people came to him with horrible ideas. And the Oscar-nominated actor didn’t want to squander the film’s legacy with a sequel just for the sake of a sequel. So he went on with his life filming other blockbuster hits—like the Mission Impossible films—until Maverick came on his radar.

“Just for years, I would think, ‘How do I do this? What is it?’ Talking about story and structure for years. People come with ideas that are terrible – just didn’t work at all in any way, shape, or form. And I was just saying, ‘This is never gonna work. I’m not interested,” he told BBC Radio 1.

The idea struck just before the COVID pandemic hit, though. So because of rigid Hollywood filming protocols, Paramount had to push Top Gun: Maverick a little longer. But everything seemed to play out perfectly. Not only is the movie nearing the top 10 highest-grossing films of all time, but it’s also a part of the $1 billion club. So we’d say that Cruise’s patience literally paid off.