‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Cast Reveal Favorite Memories of Working Alongside Tom Cruise

by Chris Piner

Even with Top Gun: Maverick available for streaming, the blockbuster hit continues to bring in millions at the box office. Looking past the staggering amount of money the film made, fans of both Tom Cruise and the Top Gun franchise solidified the new movie as a near-perfect balance of both action and emotion. Not to mention, this is Tom Cruise’s highest-grossing film in his entire career. As Top Gun: Maverick displays the true range behind the mega Hollywood star, Cruise’s fellow cast members recently discussed what it was like meeting him for the first time. 

Although Tom Cruise reprised his role over 30 years after the original film, it appeared that given his persona, many of the actors anticipated the first time they were to meet the fellow actor. For Danny Ramirez, who portrayed LT Micky Garcia, Cruise put his nerves at ease by simply dropping some water on the ground.  “So we’re all waiting in this hallway; he lands, he’s saying hi to someone, and then that person, I don’t remember who it was, they leave, and he’s about to come up to us, but he takes a sip of water. He spills a little bit. There’s just a small little puddle on the ground, and with his foot, he just washes it away, pretending nothing happened, and then he comes up and says hi to us. I remember seeing that, and that took down the walls… he’s just like us.”

Tom Cruise Shares His Past On Top Gun: Maverick Set

Another cast member to recall their time with Tom Cruise was Greg Davis, who played LT Javy Machado. His memorable moment didn’t come at the first meeting, but hearing the icon speak at the end of the night, recalling his past. “We’d all huddle up and he’ll tell us stories about the old times…. about his experiences growing up. I thought that was the coolest thing to hear because you read about it in books, you see in on YouTube, but to hear it from the person who actually experienced it and met these icons and what it was like for him to work with great icons of his time, in our position, was truly special, and I think that took down the walls too.”

And lastly, the commander of the Naval Aviation Warfighting Development Center, Solomon Bates, played by Charles Parnell, actually met Tom Cruise while filming the scene when he introduces Maverick to the students. “He walks up just like the way you see in the movie and you hear his footsteps, and I’ve been wondering if that’s the take they used because everybody kind of stiffened in their chair when they realized somebody was actually coming and they weren’t cutting. And then he did his speech. So I’m watching Maverick live, standing there on the side, and then he just drops all that and goes, ‘Charles, how are you? Welcome to set. I’m Tom.’ And so I met Maverick/Tom at the same moment, and that was pretty wild.”