‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Could Achieve Two More Major Milestones at Box Office This Holiday Weekend

by Joe Rutland

If you have been keeping up wth Top Gun: Maverick, then you know that the movie is still going strong at the box office. Now that the Labor Day holiday weekend is upon us, there’s more work to be done. The movie starring Tom Cruise has a chance to achieve two more major milestones in its history. This flick is still going strong.

According to Forbes, we learn that Top Gun: Maverick has a chance to top the box office this Labor Day weekend with a gross that could be smaller than the $9.4 million launch for Tenet. But it would motor past $700 million in domestic earnings. This would send the movie past Black Panther ($700 million in 2018/$715 million adjusted) as the fifth-biggest domestic earner. So, keep your eyes peeled for what can happen with this movie over the weekend.

Jerry Bruckheimer Has High Praise For ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Lead Actor

Meanwhile, in other Top Gun: Maverick news, movie producer Jerry Bruckheimer spoke up about Cruise’s Oscar possibilities. “That’s up to the Academy,” Bruckheimer said. “Not up to us. But everybody likes to get awards and be acknowledged for their accomplishments – and there’s nothing more important than an Academy nomination or award for filmmakers.”

As far as Cruise’s acting work goes in the movie, Bruckheimer had high praise for him. “Well, I think he’s brilliant in the movie,” he said. Cast members have talked about their favorite moments from working alongside Cruise. Danny Ramirez talked about having a moment with Cruise where the lead actor spilled some water. Ramirez plays Lt. Micky Garcia in the movie. He said that Cruise is about to come up to Ramirez and others and the actor takes a sip of water. “He spills a little bit,” Ramirez said. “There’s just a small little puddle on the ground, and with his foot, he just washes it away, pretending nothing happened, and then he comes up and says hi to us. I remember seeing that, and that took down the walls… he’s just like us.”

Then, we get this remembrance from actor Greg Davis. He plays Lt. Javy Machado in the movie. What he would remember is hearing Cruise talk about things at the end of a night of filming. Apparently, Cruise would regale the cast with stories about growing up. For Davis, he felt like it was cool to hear these types of stories. Why? “Because you read about it in books, you see it on YouTube, but to hear it from the person who actually experienced it and met these icons and what it was like for him to work with great icons of his time, in our position, was truly special, and I think that took down the walls, too.”