‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Star Danny Ramirez Describes ‘Unique’ Training for the Movie

by Shelby Scott

Weeks before “Top Gun: Maverick” made its long-awaited theater debut, filmmakers revealed Tom Cruise and the rest of the cast took to the skies in real-life F/A-18 Navy fighter jets. However, boarding a military aircraft isn’t nearly as simple as boarding an everyday passenger plane. And now, ahead of the film’s third weekend in theaters, “Top Gun: Maverick” star Danny Ramirez is sharing with fans the details behind the cast’s “unique” training for the film.

Cast Members Were Unaware of the Training They’d Need to Endure

“It has been one of the most amazing experiences,” Ramirez began while speaking with Fox News. “It feels like we went to get our master’s degree and our doctorates.”

After seeing a sneak peek of Tom Cruise flying at g-force in a film promo, we soon learned that the actor not only boarded a genuine fighter jet, but that he also designed the intense training that Danny Ramirez, Miles Teller, and the rest of the film’s pilots underwent in order to board the aircraft themselves.

“[It was] very unique,” the Fanboy actor said of Tom Cruise’s training program. “It is something that I did not even, when I signed up to do the project, I did not know we were going to go through it.”

While Ramirez wasn’t pressured to remain in his role after learning about the intense training, he nevertheless stuck to it. He shared that what inspired him to maintain his role on “Top Gun: Maverick,” and actually face his fear of flying, was the support of the cast and crew.

What truly encouraged the onscreen pilot, he thinks is, “looking over to the right and to the left of you [at] other castmates that were giving it their all.”

Tom Cruise Said the ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Cast Got ‘Too Comfortable’ Flying at G-Forces

After conquering his fear of flying in the Navy’s fighter jets, in part due to Bose headphones and a lick of wine, Danny Ramirez, not to mention the rest of the cast, became more comfortable aboard the military’s Super Hornets.

In speaking to the outlet about one scene, in particular, the “Top Gun: Maverick” star said, “[Tom Cruise’s] like, ‘You guys are too comfortable up there now,’ and we’re like, ‘We pulled seven G’s like the entire flight.'”

Interestingly, he revealed, “it was like this weird thing that our bodies, because of how good the training was, adapted so well that the Top Gun pilots were impressed.”

Their comfort didn’t seem to last too long though because the Fanboy actor said, “Tom was like, ‘Turn it up a notch.'”

Many factors continue to contribute to the massive success of the “Top Gun” sequel. However, the training and later combined with the realism of the aerial scenes makes the film that much more exciting and unique.