‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Director Speaks Out About ‘Dark Maverick’ Theory

by Alex Falls

Top Gun: Maverick finally landed into homes this week after its official digital release earlier today. Viewers can finally bring the Tom Cruise-led aerial action into their living rooms after a history-making run in theaters.

Fans can finally view the popular film on demand and dissect it scene by scene to uncover all of the details. One obscure fan theory is gaining traction in online discussions. The theory suggests that Maverick actually dies during the tense plane malfunction. Instead of parachuting down as seen in the film, he actually perishes and what we see in the movie are his dying dreams.

The theory has gained enough traction online to have director Joseph Kosinski address his thoughts on it. He spoke to The Hollywood Reporter and didn’t immediately deny the possibility.

“Movies are meant to be interpreted in a variety of ways, and I love it when people read different meanings into it,” Kosinski said. “So I love hearing that theory, and certainly, there’s a mythic kind of element to the story that I think lends itself to that sort of interpretation, based on who Maverick is and what he represents and the fact that he’s kind of going through this rite of passage at a different phase of his life.”

The director admitted he liked the theory and encouraged people to continue looking for their own interpretations.

“Movies are things that are meant to be interpreted in your own way and based on how you see the world and the experiences that you’ve had,” Kosinski said. “So I will not throw cold water on that. It’s a really cool interpretation of the story.”

Is Another Top Gun Sequel in the Works?

Top Gun: Maverick soared into theaters more than 35 years after the original. Despite such a delayed arrival in theaters, the success of the sequel has been unprecedented.

With so much success, the next question that comes to mind is when will the next sequel come? Cruise is a busy movie star, but the fan response shows the demand is still high for his Maverick adventures. Kosinski addressed the idea of doing another sequel and potentially riding the wave of success even further.

“I think if another movie were to happen, it would happen very much in the same way that this one did. Which is coming up with a story for Maverick that absolutely has to be told,” Kosinski said. “We’re all enjoying the release of this movie because it was such a long journey. It was five years for me and 35 years for Jerry [Bruckheimer] and Tom.”

He continued, “So we’re all just enjoying the response that this film’s gotten. And maybe down the road, if we come up with a story that feels like it absolutely has to happen. Then maybe it will, but right now, I think we’re all just enjoying the relief of getting this one out the door.”